Cannot decide on Cluny MM Color, Blueberry or Noir?

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  1. #1 Apr 10, 2016
    Last edited: Apr 10, 2016
    Can someone please help me decide on the Cluny MM in Blueberry or Noir. I mainly dress in black everyday. Thank you so much :smile:
  2. Do you want to stand out or blend in? Do you own other bright colour bags?

    personally i think cluny bb would be nicer in a bright colour. pity blueberry doesnt come in bb.

    i would get the noir instead:smile:

    but you can't go wrong with either colour. It's a great bag! congrats in advance and do a reveal when you decide!
  3. Hi Leooh

    Thanks for the reply, notice you're from sunny island me too!

    Personally i would have chosen the noir color but the blueberry color is just so different and i have one so many black bags thats why i cannot decide.

    i am afraid after i get the blueberry color i might regret.
  4. hi five fellow singaporean!
    actually you will get more response if you post this on the main lv thread rather than the shopping thread.

    i totally understand the apprehension about getting a bright bag. bright red is very versatile, bright blue not so much.

    sell other black bags haha
  5. Thanks Leooh for your advice!
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