Cannot contain myself! PICS of my new bag

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  1. Here's a Little Story...

    I went to Saks to return my jumbo tonight :sad:. It's just too big for my frame - or rather I'm not small/tall enough to pull it off well (I intend to fix the small part, but the tall can't be helped). I'd resigned myself to waiting until cruise or this winter to give myself some time to find THE bag, not worrying about price increases etc. And I'm too much of a newbie still to go on a major hunt.

    But then I saw this little gal sitting out on the display table. My SA had just gotten a shipment in. I absolutely squealed when I turned around and noticed

    :heart: a Black Baby Cabas :heart:

    sitting there calling my name! I'd never seen one IRL and just loved it. I returned the jumbo and used my EGC for even more of a "deal" :yahoo:

    For now, I'm keeping the other three bags that I bought recently (black timeless clutch, dk silver metallic WOC, and black GST) so I guess I have my complete starter collection! Thanks so much for everyone's input and help (ldldb especially)!!
    Chanel Baby Cabas 001.jpg Chanel Baby Cabas 004.jpg
  2. OMG!!!! Love It!!!! Congrats!!!
  3. Very Cute !
  4. I love it and enjoy!!!
  5. It looks like you have the smaller baby, same as mine, you'll enjoy it!! Congrats!!
  6. I was too excited to post a Stock update!

    Le Marais "black" (really gold) flap
    Le Marais black (truly black) bowler
    Le Marais dk brown bowler

    MC black flap - new glazed
    MC brown flap - new glazed and GORGEOUS!
    MC brown flap tote? I forget the name

    Baby (I think that's the size) white Madison
    Baby black Madison
    Preemie (lol - really tiny) black patent Madison

    Perfo flaps in red, black, blue, yellow, and white

    Bubble Quilt dk brown hobo?
    Bubble Quilt dk brown satchel

    Camellia wallet (just one!)

    Soft and chain white hobo
    Soft and chain black flap

    Brooklyn totes
  7. Did you notice what classic Jumbo's they had? Congrats on the bag it's beautiful!
  8. Oooh lovely! Congrats!
  9. sphere99, I actually did not see ANY jumbos save the one I was returning. I started out trying on some medium flaps before I got my senses and saw the cabas, and didn't see any jumbo classics. The same maroon/brick 228 reissue with bijoux chain was there.
  10. Ooo, I love that bag! Congrats and wear it well! :drool:
  11. Hi FanAddict, I think the baby cabas looks great on you! My friend's been looking for the madison, which Saks did you go to?
  12. Saks Somerset (metro Detroit).
    Diane is the Chanel specialist there and is a total sweetheart. Her # is (248) 643-9000 ext. 5404
  13. congrats! wonderful bag
  14. gorgeous !
  15. :yahoo:yay i'm sooo thrilled for you!! that's totally the way it ought to feel with every chanel purchase. it looks GORGEOUS on you :yes: