Cannot clean black LV handles

  1. So I bought a papillon 30 on eBay and the handles are BLACK. The seller didnt have any pics of the handles in the listing, and I didnt think to ask. I have read all the cleaning posts on here about baby wipes, Magic Eraser, kiwi, wilson, Apple Garde and Shining Monkey. I did the alcohol free baby wipes, followed by cleaning with the kiwi (only thing at the store). Not even a shade difference, and I cleaned that baby for an hour, let it dry, then did it again. Only thing I didnt try that I can buy at the store is the Magic Eraser (I have a conditioner to follow it with if it gets dry). Are there any other suggestions as a quick fix until my order comes in for the Apple Garde? And how much of a difference will the Apple Garde even make, is it even worth it? I know the handles are supposed to get dark, but do they all get black like that? The pictures actually look a tad lighter than in person and in the 2nd pic, the top strap is the one I worked on. I didnt touch the 2nd because I wanted to see if it would make a difference.

    Suggestions? Please help!
  2. do you have pictures of the handles?
  3. an SA told me once that LV has a cleaning service, they can clean it for you.
    I don't know prices, how long it takes etc but maybe it is an idea?

    I have tried something like mr magic eraser and it helped a little. My handles weren't black, a little dark in the middle (speedy handles) and after robbing on them a little of the dirt came off.
    I only did one handle because the shine on the leather also dissapears..

    good luck!
  4. I think I remember FrankieP having a speedy with very dark, nearly black handles. She used the magic eraser and provided after pics. If you do use it make sure you used conditioning as it does dry out the leather. Good luck!
  5. Pics please. Also, you could get them replaced.
  6. if you didnt pay much for the bag i'd just have the replaced i'm sure it would still be cheaper with what you paid for the bag then a new one..

    are you able to post pic's?
  7. I just tried the magic eraser on one of my speedy 25 handles. It definitely did make a difference. It roughened up the handle texture. And the only leather conditioner I had was the one for cars. So I'm just waiting for it to dry.
  8. Sorry guys, I thought I attached the pics before but I must have closed it before they uploaded. And I paid 290. for it, so I'm not sure if it's worth having the handles replaced?
    handles1.jpg handles2.jpg
  9. 290 isn't bad, compared to the original price for a papillon30. It would look almost brand new if you replace the vachetta.
  10. Yes, I'd replace the vachetta if you can't live with it.
  11. Wow. Those are really dark. I think it would REALLY dry the handles out if you tried to clean them. But if you are going to replace them anyway, why not give it a shot? Magic erasers are just a couple bucks.

  12. Yep, it might just be enough to make you happy. If not then you'd of only wasted a little bit of money.
  13. at that color, i'd save the money on cleaning supply and get it replaced, it'll be a brand new bag after replacement!
  14. I don't think the handles will get much better with cleaning. Either live with them, return the bag (is this even an option?), or find out how much to replace handles entirely. Magic Eraser is basically sanding off the vachetta. You would really need to remove a lot of vachetta to get a better color. Since the area of darkness is so large, I think using Magic Eraser would result in an uneven texture.
  15. I would replace the handles.