Cannot choose need help!

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  1. For my first LV I was thinking . . .

    Mono Speedy 25

    Damier Speedy 25

    Mono Batignolles

    Mini lin Speedy 30

    I need help! I like all of them.

    Which of these bags would I absolutely LOVE :heart: :heart:


    do any of you all own these bags you can attach? that would be helpful
  2. The speedy is a classic, I prefer the 30 in monogram. Do you like a hand-held bag or something that can be carried over your shoulder? The best way to decide is to go in & try out a lot of styles, you never know what will grab you until you do. Good luck....& you can't go wrong with a speedy[unless you hate handheld bags].

    Welcome to the forum, have fun!
  3. ^ yupyup as what taco said. the speedy is a classic but i prefer the 30 damier. it's so beautiful! good luck to you!!
  4. Another vote for speedy...and I personally don't like the damier (I know a lot of ladies here love it, so please don't hate me) so I'd rather have the mono if I were you.
  5. thx, i think i probably prefer handheld or just on my arm then shoulder bag
  6. (chanting) Speedy...Speedy...Speedy!!!!
  7. Damier Speedy is the perfect bag. No vachetta to worry about. You'll love it! I prefer the 30 though.
  8. im petite around 5"1 would 25 be too small for everyday bag
  9. I would go for a Damier Speedy or Mini Lin Ebene Speedy just because its a little different from the regular Mono. Then I would go for a Batignolles.
  10. my vote for your first bag would be the monogram speedy. its a staple for any collection.
  11. mini lin speedy.....
  12. Mini Lin or Damier
  13. what color do you all prefer for the mini lin?
  14. Damier Speedy 25 gets my vote! : )
  15. mono speedy here!