Cannot Buy from Store because you want it cheaper

  1. Hi, Is anyone else like me. You will not buy something from Store because you know you can get it on eBay cheaper or will wait for it lol haha. Im So like this, i buy small accessories from the store and have bought a bag from the store before, I have an SA and I really enjoy the store experience.
    But if there is a scarf I want from the store, I will hold out and get it on eBay cheaper or get a diff one for cheaper. At the moment I really want a white epi cles, BUT Im gunna hold out because I know in a couple of months or after christmas, I will be able to get one or something similar on eBay for less than store price.

    I just cant help myself, is anyone like me ?? :p
  2. Sorry no. I'm too scared to buy from any where but the store just incase it's a fake. I am getting better at spotting fakes, but along way off to trust myself to buy something.
  3. No I only buy from the store
  4. I know of two authentic sellers on ebay here in the UK. I just check on those sites occasionally although most deals go quick on BIN!
  5. guys, you are missing out on sooooooooo many authentic bargains :p
  6. I really depends for me. Most of the stuff I bought is used, and I've only done the boutique thing/buy brand new a couple times...really, in the end, all things become used. But I have to admit, that as I get into LV more, I'm a little more decisive with what I'll buy used versus new. If it's a bag in awesome shape than of course I'll buy it used! Nothing like saving a couple bucks. ;) Esp. for some of the accessories (i.e., my mini ellipse), which I think are unnecessarily expensive...

    Some things I won't buy used are cles (because I can't get a good deal off those) and wallets (unless they were unused by the previous owner).
  7. I'm a big e-bayer and am a sucker for good deals. I have no problem with buying from there books, collectibles and my other passion-- Lladro. But for some reason, I want my Vuittons to be brand spanking new. I also prefer to buy in-store despite the tax because I really want to see the alignment, stitching, zipper, where it is made, hardware and all that jazz. With Lladros, they can go on for years and they will still look the same. But the look and feel of new born vachetta, that's something that you can only experience with a brand new one. So here's to you and for all your LV bargains. In any case, the more important thing is that we both LVOE our LVs. :yes:
  8. I think that you're a smart shopper, if that's what meets your "needs".
  9. I always buy items that are still available in the store. Ebay is my resort for discontinued pieces (though I've only ended up getting the peach Graffiti pochette, pink/pink CB cles and pochette and beige Inclusion ring from there).
  10. No I'm the total opposite, I don't like the thought of someone having used the bag before me and there's ALWAYS a chance of getting a fake.

    Also I love the store experience. ;)
  11. I am afraid to shop on ebay! I have been jipped SO many times, I am just turned off from it now. I have recieved fake Burberrys, fake Coaches, hell, even fake Citizens of Humanity and Juicy Couture. So I have stopped using Ebay...even now you can never be 100% sure that the bag is authentic! I am afraid that even if the picture shows an authentic LV and it has been authenticated by tPF I will be sent a different, fake bag. Fakes are everywhere..hell..there's a post in the general discussion about getting fake Chloe's from!
  12. There is something so intoxicating about walking into the boutique and handling the "new" stuff and walking out with the brown bag. I have only purchased new, so far! But lots have found great bargains!
    I want to buy a few things on eBay, but $%#^@, havent' won anything yet!!!
    John and Addy and other folks here have been so utterly fantastic on the Authenticate.... board, so hopefully I'll get lucky soon!!!:tup:
  13. I've been burned by ebay I go directly to the store. It's more fun get the whole experiece. Plus i'm too impatient to wait for a shipment to arrive. Anything online is usually my last resort.
  14. I'm with you Stevie! If I can save a couple hundred bucks on something I like (BUT it has to be really clean and the patina still somewhat pale), I'd buy from let-trade or another trusted reseller. :yes: If I really want a new release right away though, I'd get it from the store or elux.
  15. I am just like you Socialite~ I will wait on Ebay to see if there's good deal, sometimes there are mint bags on Ebay which is cheaper than retail so I can save some $$. I will go to the store too but mostly for LE/seasonal bags~