Cannot break away from Chanel... must diversify...

  1. Does anyone else have this problem? Whenever I want to buy a bag, I toy with the idea of a Tods or a Louis Vuitton, but then I always go back to Chanel! I'm dying to have a little variety in my collection but it's not working!
  2. lol Yes (with COACH), but only because I cant afford anything else at the moment (unless I save, save, save!). Here - close out all the windows viewing Chanel and start browsing LV/Tods!! :P
  3. I understand! I am also tempted to stay w/ one designer, but as a am starting to build my collection I am really trying to buy a little of everything & then hope to add on to each designer as I progress.
  4. its ok, IntlSet i have the same problem with Balenciaga! BUT i'm breaking out of my b-bag shell - i want too but then i dont want too... it gets too confusing at times!
  5. im totally into chanel and balenciaga. but to break away, i tried to read other forums... so im getting into hermes =D
  6. Its hard to diversify! Because I have recently become obsessed with Chanel and jut can't bring myself to spend on LV anymore...I'd rather spend a little more and get a nice lambskin or caviar than denim or coated canvas now!
  7. I agree-I'll probably never by lv again-too addicted to the beautiful Chanel leather.
  8. Is it really a problem? Although I have a number of bags from different companies, I think the idea of having a personal "theme" for handbags is a cool idea.
  9. I think you'll see a bag that's not Chanel eventually that NEEDS to come home w/ you!
    You can't force it, if it's not callin' your name , it's not callin'!
  10. I was searching for the perfect LV bag and when I finally bought all the Monogram Mat I could afford, I stopped. I have a problem with the sizing of most LV bags - it's either too big or too small.

    Since joining PF, I've rediscovered the joy of Chanel...I used to carry the small classic flap in the 90s and loved that bag to death but it was too small to carry all of my junk, so I had to move on to something else. Now Chanel has the Cambon tote, which is perfect for me, and now I am totally obsessed with the large caviar among other bags. I think I will stick with Chanel from now on, if LV comes out with a black epi that is a good size for me I'll purchase it but I think Chanel is the one for me, thanks to all the ladies on PF! :lol:
  11. hahaha i'm the opposite. i have a little bit of everything.
  12. Thread cracked me up!:lol: Me too, I love LV though and cannot break away!:biggrin: Chanel is so beautiful, it must suit you well, stick with what makes you comfortable!
  13. Just breathe!! We is what we is, I am such a freak when it comes to LV bags. Love Chanel for shoes and jewelry, but have never bought a bag. Dunno why, just my DNA, designer needs and addiction. Enjoy all the the diversity, but buy what suits you and make your heart pound!:heart:
  14. I like diversity myself in handbags, but at one point had all LVs which I sold to buy other style bags. You must just truly love Chanel and there's *nothing* wrong with that. Stick with what you love even if it's all in the same line!
  15. Ummm yes, I'm very much addicted to Chanel LOL