Cannot believe this, how could this happen

  1. I have been on ebay a few years now, not had a problem at all but today my account got hack into. Luckly, well I think, ebay pick it up and change my password put alerts out to me. I went to sign into my account and it keep coming up password invalid, then I did the thing about changing my password I did this through ebay and my account is now restored.

    How on earth could this happen? I never go on any links from emails do not even open them. Have a really good Virus detection on my computer, never give out my password or write it down anywhere, so how would this happen.

    Have to say very shocked. I have a direct line to ebay offices so shall be asking them that question tomorrow or Monday when they open again.
  2. Wow - kind of scary! I've never heard of anything like that . . .
  3. You might have a worm/virus that can transmit your keyboard strokes to the hacker... They can see all the text you type.
  4. exactly the same thing happened to me two weeks ago. I have to say, do not be surprised if you get another alert in the next day or so :sad:

    Ebay are absolutely rubbish, like you I know all the tricks the conners try and pull, I have the ebay toolbar, never respond to anything unless it comes into my questions within ebay, and it still happened. They will not help at all, just tell you to change your password! - in a couple of days, change your password again, to keep on top of things. Its scary how often this is happening at the moment :sad:
  5. Oh, Saich, that's awful! Such a shame, especially when you're doing all the right things and being prudent.... What a drag. I hope you get this squared away and that you don't incur any losses. Still a scare, though.:sad:
  6. Looks like you are not the only one. I suspect juneebugs' account has been stolen too. See the other thread about more scammers on eBay.

    Apparently someone stole her account and is listing 55 LV bags for $80 dollars, with photos copied from othe sellers including Fashionpile. I do not think she is aware of it. She has been buying things on eBay since 1999 with 100% positive feedback, and never listed/sold anything on eBay.

    About 2 months ago, someone stole my account and listed 3 high-end automobiles. Fortunately, eBay caught the problem and fixed it before I found out. Otherwise, I would have had a heart attack.
  7. I'm not a seller, but still I am getting so paranoid about eBay. Sometimes, new log-in pages appear-- I don't type anything in; in other cases I've been approached by sellers to bid on their items which are similar to items I've tried to win (legit or not, I don't think it's ethical); do a deal outside of eBay. The list goes on and on.

    I hope you haven't lost anything because of this. If people would work at a real job as hard as they try to scam and cheat, they'd make all of us a lot happier.
  8. Thanks everyone for your surport. I really am at a total loss as how this happen. Hopefully Ebay will have some answers when I phone them. I do not think the hacker can get to my credit card on file with ebay as its just "dots" so hopefully that is OK. Will take your advice and change password again
  9. Is their anyway that they broke into your paypal and went though there? That happened me, and thank God I had insurance on mycredit card, cause they had a wild spending spree...It is those stupid 3 little numbers we have to give now on the back of our credit cards that is letting them hack us.
  10. that is the scariest thing! makes me more cautious using the internet.
  11. After re-reading the emails ebay sent me their is only one way I can think of this was done, so telling everyone do not do this. Like I said never answer emails of open them from ebay or paypal always do it through My Ebay page but sometimes when I am selling things an email comes through Question from Buyer I open these some times and it comes up to respond give Password (Looks just like when you go and sign in on your ebay page) which I do (stupidly) then answer question buyer has sent. The hacker might have got it that way - its the only thing I can think of.

    So to all you people selling out their answer ALL questions from Buyers, Ebay from your ebay page. Will let you know what happens after I phone them. Luckly my PayPal is OK different password.
  12. Saich......You are definatly not stupid!!! It is so easy to just open your email and not know......Bu tthank God you never had anything stolenn on your account:smile:
  13. That used to happen to me ALL the time, everyday for 2 weeks I would have to restore the account, they would change my password. But it just so happens that during those 2 weeks, I was in Romania on vacation (I live in Toronto), so it was EBAY who was freezing it and changing the password, thinking I was some hacker from Romania! Call customer service, it could be anything.

    Also, just because the password is changed does not mean it's a hacker. For instance, if you go and try to log onto someone elses account by trying to guess their secret question, that person will receive an email saying "your account needs to be restored/password has been changed". Ebay changes the password automatic for protection.

    Just some possibilities... cause I was freaking out too... and it turns out it was nothing.
  14. Thats interesting to know Monamour, I intend to phone Ebay tomorrow to find out what happen and if it was me responding to an Ask Seller Question. The emails come in with a question and a big yellow button you press to respond to after you press it, it asks you to sign in before you can answer the question, this would be the only way they could have got my password, but I thought these emails came through Ebay when you ask a seller a question may be I am wrong. Anyway will let you know what Ebay says.
  15. I see some bags online that are "authentic" and selling for ridiculously low BIN prices and they have many listings. Those accounts are usually hacked. I have no idea how they'd manage to pluck your password out but anything can happen.