Cannot Believe The Seller Would Sell This Bag Without A Reserve and For So CHEAP!

  1. :wtf: If I hadn't JUST bought a Mono Keepall 50 I would be bidding on this right now!!! :crybaby:

    What an incredible deal!! (if they are indeed authentic)
  2. i know!

    on both of them
    i am so tempted to snatch up my dads credit card right now cuase hes sleeping and just explain it nicely later.

    but i wont cause that would be mean and dishonest :smile:
  3. ahh i want it so bad :sad:

    someone please get one on here.
  4. How do you for sure it is authentic?
  5. Do a tolhaus on the feedback. lots of stinky smelling stuff. I would definitley ask about odors! I am new to LV so I don't have a clue on authenticity. I like the Chloe though - but I don't know about it's authenticity either!
  6. the bag has a tag, I thought LV never sold bags with tags? (I could be be wrong...)

    also, their name hints at 'drop shipping', which has a load of problems of its own
  7. The SA usually removes the tags before purchase. I have seen authentic LV's with tags occasionally.
  8. there is a plastic string that hold the tag just like the fakes have
  9. I don't think it's real. The seller is a second party seller. Not the owner of the bag. Vuitton does not wrap the handles. Plus the Sprouse line was made for (I think) one year. One time only. I would be wary of this.

  10. Saks sometimes use those
    and when my aunt bought her lvs in taiwan they have that plastic hanging tag too. :graucho:

  11. louis vuitton handles are always wrapped

    all my bags came wrapped and all of my moms lv came wrapped too :flowers:
  12. Yes, in 2001. I dont understand the point you are trying to make? even after 5 years, it is still possible to find brand new bags that have never been used :flowers:
  13. Jov: sometimes the SA takes off the plastic covering of the handles if you purchase at the store, but my mom always tells them to leave it on, and eluxury leaves on the plastic too :smile:
  14. It looks real to me too. If that's a fake, then it's the best damn fake I have ever seen.