Cannot access pages in app

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  1. I've posted before about this and haven't gotten a response. When accessing via the app, I am not able to view all pages. The only way I can tell that I have missed pages in a thread is because someone else has quoted from that particular page. When I hit original link, I can get to that page, but not otherwise. If someone hasn't quoted from that page, I cannot see it. Anyone else experiencing this?
  2. Any advice?
  3. I give up.
  4. Is this issue occurring on Android or iOS?
  5. iOS
  6. Can you provide an example of a thread where this is occurring?
  7. Happens in multiple threads, but one is the Celebrity Street Style thread.
  8. The app updated did that fix it for you?
  9. Cannot open several subforums i.e. Money talks. Says I don't have access. Also keeps saying I'm not signed in but I am.
  10. Money Talks is unavailable for unregistered members. Once signed in, you should be able to access it. Which other forums can you not access?
  11. Have been registered user since 2007 and am logged system allows me to log in then doesn't acknowledge the log in. Can only post this if I go into webview.
  12. Perhaps try to reinstall the app and see if the login sticks then.
  13. Did an uninstall and reinstall this afternoon. Do you think it needs to be done again? Thanks.
  15. Hi vlad. Last post for the night...could tapatalk be causing some of these issues. Love the new look but quite the learning curb. Many thanks, Terri