Cannoli Recipe

  1. I have checked on the food network site,, and others and I can't find a recipe for cannoli without using ricotta cheese.

    I'm from new york and I don't know if they are made differently in other places but I've never eaten a cannoli that had ricotta cheese in it (at least that I could feel/taste)

    So I wanted to know if all cannoli are made using ricotta cheese but some recipes use it strained so you don't feel or taste it? Or are there recipes that don't use it? I've seen it mentioned that they can be made using mascarpone but I can't find a recipe with that.

    Does anyone have a really good cannoli recipe that doesn't have the ricotta taste/texture?
  2. Why don't you just make one of the recipes you have already found using marscapone instead of ricotta if that is what you want?
  3. I'm not sure if the amounts and texture would be the same. Some recipes also call for both.
  4. i thought i was crazy when looking for cannoli recipes! i couldn't find any either that didn't have ricotta and i, too, ate some great ones in NY that weren't made from ricotta or at least i don't think they were since they weren't lumpy like ricotta. i would try just swapping marscapone for ricotta and adding until its the right consistency.
  5. I have never had a cannoli worth eating outside of Sicily... maybe it is the ricotta used in the US instead of marscapone, I never really thought about it but the fillings in Sicily are sooooooooo much better, sweeter and smoother...

    This recipe I found online has a combination of ricotta and marscapone:
  6. I saw this one also. I think I'm just going to find the easiest recipe and experiment and just replace the ricotta with mascarpone.
  7. Sorry I cant really help you with a recipe, but I remember reading a magazine article/recipe on the plane a couple a weeks ago that said authentic sicilian cannolis are made with sheeps milk ricotta.
  8. If you have had cannoli in NY-it was filled with a ricotta cheese mixture-shocking, I know!

    All cannoli filling is made with ricotta cheese-it is just whipped and blended so you don't know. I am from NY too and am Italian-just ask someone at your local Italian bakery-they will tell you.
  9. Can someone tell me where in Manhattan I can get cannoli's besides Ferrara's??
  10. you may not know it, but you are most definitely eating ricotta cheese in your cannolis without even knowing it. the way its prepared keeps the consistency just right. why not try a recipe out and go from there :tup:
  11. Anywhere around the Times Sq area as that's where I'm staying - never stayed in Times SQ before, kill me now! :p :p

    Thanks for the suggestion!
  12. ^^Hmm-Times Square? that's gonna be a tough one! I don't know many italian bakeries there. I suggest you take a trip down to Veniero's though or Little Italy ;)
  13. Good morning,

    I doubt very much that you would find a recipe for Cannolli, without Ricotta in it.
    You mention the fact that you have eaten this Treat, and not known/thought it was Ricotta. When mix with Sugar - as in mostrecipes - Caster Sugar,, then beaten - the Ricotta Cheese will take on quite a different consistencey. You would not really notice it as Ricotta.
    That is not to say that you can not fill your own Shells, with what you like. My suggestion would be 500g Ricotta, 50g Candied Peel (chopped), 50g Glace Cherries (chopped), 50g Candied Angelica (chopped), 100g Dark Chocolate (chopped), 50g Caster Sugar, 1tbsp Orange Flower Water.
    Once filled, dip one end in melted Chocolate.
    Dust with icing sugar.


    Will (UK Number 1 Cannolli Fan)