Cannage shoulder bag owners

  1. I am thinking of getting my first Dior bag and I like the idea of a cannage shoulder bag as an everyday bag. I would be getting the smaller one not the large cannage. I am only 5'2". My only hesitation is if it would become a bottomless pit since it is a duffle style bag. Any feedback or input from cannage owners?
  2. No it wont be bottomless as long as you put something in it. Your must-haves are good enough for that - wallets, keys, cell, sunnies. I love the leather and style - it's so versatile! Go ahead!! You'll love it.
  3. Here are pictures of my baby.
    DSC00553.JPG DSC00554.JPG
  4. Hello...I have the Dior Cannage Messenger bag and am small/5.2" - I love it! The leather is really soft and I like that I have extra room if I need it to carry more. I don't get out too much and use it, so it is brand new (ha). Good Luck!


  5. you can stuff a newborn baby in there! lots of room and the drawstring style adjusts to accomodate a little or alot. the only thing is that it doesn't completely close too tight. I have the black one with the red lining - love the lining!
  6. red lining? it sounds cool to me. how does it look like? any pics? :tender:
  7. This is what I want now.

    I want the white one the same as Rachel Stevens is pictured with in the celebs section.

    Quick question though......does the white get really dirty easy? (maybe a stupid q) and does the metal D tag ever mark the outside of the white bag? Coz I imagine it would.

    Thanks xx
  8. I love the red cannage, but heard it can stain clothing...
  9. The large cannage is MASSIVE and it is a bottomless pit, for me anyway. I'm only 4'10, I have to get my arm and my head in there to find anything:p

    It's 32 x 28 x12 cm.

    As you can see the messenger is 35 x 22 x11,
    the small drawstring is 25 x25 x9, they're both still pretty big.

    If you're like me and you only carry a purse/wallet, keys, phone and an umbrella it may be a bottomless pit...
  10. I'm dying for a red drawstring cannage... wonder what other colors they come in besides black, red and white?
  11. I am 5'1" and the Dior Cannage small hobo is PERFECT! LUV IT! Looks great on me and my friend who is average height looks good carrying it too. Fits alot of stuff too - not too structured. Measures 12.5"x 7"x 4" Also comes in pink, white @ elux for $965.

  12. kayaya - I am new to this forum. What size Cannage bag is pictured in your post? A medium or a large? I am considering the black lamb with the aged silver hardware. I am nowhere near a boutique, so I am in the process of deciding on a size. I've done some Google searches for pictures of people holding the bag and am leaning toward a large.

    Any input from owners or those in the know would be greatly appreciated.

    I just love this bag, and have been thinking about it for months!

  13. KAYAYA.....Is this the small size?
  14. My first Dior, a size large black lamb Cannage drawstring bag just arrived minutes ago!!! I've already switched all my stuff into it.

    I am 5'7" and not a small woman. The size large is somewhat big. But the size medium is considerably smaller than the large.

    Can't wait to get out with my new bag.

    oops - in my previous post I meant to say "aged brass hardware"