Cannage Romantique??

  1. Hi:smile:
    I remember seeing cannage romantique bag in Dior store, early this year when i was in korea. I forgot about this bag as i never came across this bag on Dior website and was never discussed on the forum. Has anyone else seen this bag at their local dior store??
    heres the pic of the bag:
    namnl_s_1163068249.jpg cannage romantique.jpg
  2. I've never seen that bag before, but I really like it.
  3. cute! i would get one if they sell it here
  4. So cute! I remember seeing a similar bag shape at my Dior store (London) but I thought it was the brown canvas material that they used for the trotter. Must have another look :cool:
  5. Yes Yes, ive seen the trotter romantique in that shape , pic: [​IMG]

    but not in cannage leather...
  6. yup, i've seen it in the boutiques in manchester & london last year. it's really cute.