Cannage on Diabro

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  1. Diabro has a new cannage bag in for small bag gals.

    I thought it was rather cute and not badly priced at US $435

    7in x 4in

  2. :flowers:ohhh cute...........I have the large cannage Dior messenger bag (haha although it is brand new with tag, I still haven't used it) most know, I don't get out much due to being ill.

  3. [​IMG]
  4. I am really liking this bag and it's cheaper than the dior lovely pouch they have.

    As long as I can fit in my essentials I'm happy :rolleyes:
  5. lol i swear i responded to this thread, my post is missing. Anyway i've been eyeing this since Tuesday and tossing between the romantique pochette or this. I think this can be used as an evening bag too or a casual work bag.

    Do you know if the 'D' will rust? Cos i found rust on one of my Dior's which hasn't been used often.
  6. I saw that too .. it is very cute... OMG chic you are working on your next purchase already :graucho::graucho:
  7. I am trying not to but there are so many nice bags out there that it's hard to stop :hysteric:
  8. Not sure about the D rusting but I think the romantique would be harder wearing as it is a coated canvas kinda similar to LV canvas but finer whereas the cannage is lambskin so maybe a bit more delicate.
  9. Put them side by side and they are both nice, I think the vinyl looks less dull.

  10. I think the vinyl stand out more!
  11. :yes: have to agree and best of all it's cheaper :yahoo:
  12. I just did a mock checkout on diabro and it came up with shipping to australia as US $13, pretty good.
  13. omg really that is really good - go for it chic.!!!