Cannage drawstring

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  1. Hi,
    I was just told that the cannage drawstring in black lamb skin is on sale for $580, if you own one, can I ask how much you paid for yours? I read a post that it was cheaper, because it was additional 30% off from $725 which brings it down to $507.50. TIA
  2. Where is it on sale?
  3. ^^ the outlets.
  4. Thanks, I was hoping on line
  5. I got mine (choc brown lambskin) shipped from the outlet last year in August, it was $642 with tax and shipping. $580s a steal, you should grab that, it's a FAB bag!!
  6. it is a real deal ! i agree you should grab one

    do you know if te nylon one is one sale too ?
  7. Do you know if the handles are long enough to be used as a messenger bag? TIA
  8. The bag is $580 on sale and it is limited now brown, black, ivory, baby pink, they are selling out.
  9. The SA told me the nylon one is also on sale, but she said they only have it in beige ... i don't know the price for it. It'll be great if they have the nylon in black... btw, I called the outlet in FL and spoke with Brittnay.
  10. thanks for those informations . i agree there was too few colors for the nylon one . i love the pink on the long cannage bag but not so much on the nylon. that color pops up better on leather .a black one would have been handsome!

    there is one thing that worry me though , is nylon durable ? and strong enough ?

    bagsrus ----> is $580 for all cannage drawstring including nylon ? or nylon comes out at an other price ?
  11. I got Mine for Christmas 2006... I think BF paid 1290.00.. its the black lambskin and i loooooove it!.. It gets softer every time I carry it :love:
  12. ^^ thank you, do you think i'll be able to use it as a messenger bag? the handles looks pretty long.
  13. I also have a medium drawstring - I can't use mine as a messenger, but if you're very petite, you might :biggrin:
  14. Would the large too big for someone who's 5'4"? I prefer medium to large bags, but am afraid the large will be a bottomless pit. I guess my dilemma is the medium will be more comfy to wear but might hang slightly weird as I'm used to larger bags (plus, the bag will slouch a lot depending what you carry)... and the larger will hang nicer but not be as comfortable to wear... Does anyone have any modeling pics they can share of either size?
  15. Hmm for me (I'm pushin 5 ft 10 inch) it doesn't work as a messenger style - the straps aren't long enough!