Cannage Arena City Information

  1. Hello all! I'm usually an LV girl, but I do love me some Balenciaga motorcycle bags.

    My current bag is the Arena Tri-Color City Classic in the Off-white or Grey/Red/Blue/Yellow combination, but I recently saw the woven Cannage Arena City, and I AM SO IN LOVE.

    What I'm wondering is, and, forgive me I haven't looked enough on the forum: What color combinations was the bag made in?
    Are there any specific details I should look out for when shopping for a pre-loved bag Cannage Arena City?
    I just want to know what to look for before I even consider a listing.

    Thanks all!
  2. No one wants to help me out? :sad:
  3. I didn't know what Cannage was so I google image'd it. Looks like it's the same thing as Balenciaga Lattice?

    They were produced in several color combos & trims, and I could only find a couple of pics:
    Check out this post from pbdb's collection thread (her Woven Lattice is with the Royal Blue trim) and this post of another combination.

    Other than these two combinations, I've seen black, white, and grey one with a black trim. There could be more combos. :thinking: Maybe someone who knows more about the Lattice bags will chime in?

    Oh and when you find one, look for any possible "rips" between the woven leather strips. I think somebody posted somewhere about their Lattice bag and how one leather strip is starting to rip slightly.
  4. Thank you so much for your help. I really like the blue trim a lot. I just want to make sure I don't fall in love with a fake that is made with a trim never produced by Balenciaga, that'd be horrible.