Canine Freestyle dancing -- anyone?

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  1. I am always looking for ways to spend lots of fun time with my girl. At our dog training last week the trainer mentioned dog dancing. Sounds silly.. but she said look for dog dance or canine freestyle videos on youtube. No joke, their are some amazing performances!! I'm inspired to say the least and am ready to start learning some of the moves!

    My question to you.. have you ever tried it? Anyone here secretly good at it?

    Here are some of the video's I found if you would like to see what I am looking at:

    Carolyn and Rookie routine:
    Gladiator Dog routine:
    Charlie Chaplin routine:
    We Like to Move It It routine:

    Interested in your thoughts too!!
  2. I've seen it on TV and it is adorable, though there's something a bit odd about dog dancing to me. I like agility or flyball better. Still, any activity that brings an owner and dog closer is a good thing.
  3. That is adorable! Dogs are just so smart it amazes me.
  4. I do some of the moves to warm up before an agility run. Weaving through legs, turns into and away from me, good for getting focused. I am not creative enough to work up a dance though. It would be a fun class to take. It is amazing all the moves they can do!
  5. I went to a freestyle workshop with Carolyn Scott who has Rookie the golden. It was a blast and she is one of the nicest women and nicest dog trainers I've ever met.
  6. this is cute....
    I want to do it with my pup
  7. That must have really be an incredible time!! I bet it would be such a pleasure to meet with her and she her work in person!
  8. On a seperate note, Katie and I have started with the leg weaving and it's too much fun! She already knows spins, but will slowly be connecting some of the tricks together. I'll try and take a video to share. Amazing how fun it is to be silly with your pup!