CanI get a yay or nay on my new boots? how to wear them?

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  1. How to wear these boots? outfit suggestions? are they western style or are they riding boots? not quite sure, suggestions? keep them? :smile:
    P.S I apologize for the messy change room photo! lol

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  2. From what I can see they look like a type of suede riding boot? I'd keep to jeans or leggings with these :smile: They seem good for weekends and grocery shopping etc. Keep them if you are looking for that sort of boot.
  3. Yay for the boot, very cute.
  4. they look they have darker brown?? the darker the easier to mix and match...
  5. Looks super comfy and cute!
  6. To me they're almost a hybrid of a riding boot and a western boot. Not too western, but not quite a riding boot. They're great! You could do a lot with them. I love boots like that over dark skinnies with sweaters, blouses, blazers, etc.
  7. Nice casual boots, I wouldn't call them western. I would wear them with skinny jeans or thick opaque tights + suede/lether or corduroy skirt.
  8. I always like this shape of boots. But, is suede friendly in snowy days since I saw you are in Toronto.
  9. They're a great style - you could wear them with either leggings, jeans, a skirt or dress.

    Nice neutral colour - I like them a lot - hope you enjoy wearing them!!
  10. thanks everyone! I decided to keep them, especially since its hard for me to find boots that fit around my calves (they are usually too big!).......also need to spray them for the winter, but might just use these for spring and fall :smile: