Canguro in the real world...

  1. OK, so I love my citta rosa canguro. Before today I'd only ever worn it in Disney World because I felt kind of silly wearing it. In Disney World grown people wear mouse ears on their heads and 300 lb women wear little short shorts so it didn't bother me there.
    This morning I was going to the mall and decided to wear my Canguro in the "real world" for the first time. I know that some of you girls have Canguros and wear them all the time but where I live I've never even seen another tokidoki yet alone a Canguro and I'm kind of big in the hip department (and chest, as has been discussed here before) so this required a little more confidence that you might think.
    I sort of thought I'd get laughed at or something but apparently no one cared. A couple of girls said something in Japanese but it was pretty much "Is that lesport?" "yes" "oh" kind of conversation as I understood it with my very limited understanding of the language.
    The moral of this story is that the Canguro rocks, I'm going to wear mine more often and everyone should buy one.
    Picture of me after returning from the mall today provided for your viewing pleasure.
    citta rosa canguro.jpg
  2. Hey, it looks great on you! I don't own a canguro. I think they are cute but I don't have the confidence to wear one except if I were at an amusement park. You go girl! :p
  3. That's why I made this thread. I want more people to be mentally tough :biguns: and wear canguros. It was really great to be hands free shopping and stuff. I had my keys, phone, id & credit cards and a small flashlight in my bag. It still looked nice and flat though.
  4. But first I gotta get rid of my pooch, ha! ha! I won't even wear a belt as it is.

  5. ahhh where? I don't see it. :shrugs:
    anyway it's cute, i'd go with it if i had one, and if anybody has a problem with it - :lecture:
  6. I like how the citta rosa just pops out from you outfit but not too much. It's really cute. I also like your 'tiki' counter in the back and your interesting artifacts. Your home must look really neat.
  7. You are rocking it. Fabulous.
  8. Yeah, lol Like Snoopa I don't see it. Anyways, you're very pretty and I like the canguro now that I've got the chance to see it.
  9. I don't get why it requires courage.

    Everyone has the waist bags now. You know, like that Gucci brand? :confused1:
  10. That's true Frogbubbles...Gucci has a waist bag...I saw a girl at the movies last night with one!! I never thought of it like that. Congrats Robotkitten for wearing it out!! I don't know if I could ever wear mine to the mall. I might attempt wearing mine the correct way on a walk into town here but I'm not sure yet. I used mine once and I wore it across my back ... it works out well there, it just slid around a tad more than I'd have liked. Maybe next time I go out walking I'll try wearing it on my waist. :shrugs: It has the right amount of pockets for everything including cell & ipod!! :yahoo:
  11. I want to get one. I also am the only one in my area with tokidoki lol I think it would be soo perfect for the gym. Hold my ear plugs, workout gloves, etc. I thought the adios though was perfect for not being to loud in print but kinda of blends with any outfit if I ever find one I like as I missed out on the pulse sale for that.
  12. Did Pulse carry the canguro? If so and they have some left, you may still be able to get the sale! The sale was on until today. If you're seriously interested you should email them as they're probably closed them and see if they'll still honor the sale price as it's on til today!! :shrugs:
  13. I like the canguro for shopping...especially in NYC, because I hate being weighed down by anything extra (I'm serious about shopping in NY). Plus I always worry that if I'm holding on to my bag I might put it down and forget it.
  14. I was wondering if the Razr would fit in the mesh pocket, and it does. AND! You soooo have the same phone as me. Hott pink cherry blossom razrs rock!
  15. OH and Urban Outfitter is selling like the 80's leather fanny packs!