canguro for the gym.

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  1. We're not supposed to have bags anywhere on the gym floor at 24 HR (even though I've seen a woman throw around an original print MM on the dirty floor several times) so I carry around my towel, workout gloves, ipod, and phone in my hands as I go from station to station. I'm thinking of maybe getting a canguro so I don't have to carry the stuff around anymore... What do you think? I'd definitely have to get a dark color just in case it gets dirty, but I'm worried about the collection of sweat...

    Does anyone know if the SH outlet or other outlets still have the playground camo canguro...?

    Edit: I just found the thread for SH and there are no more camo canguro's... but there's Inferno? I'd much rather have a camo one because I wouldn't mind throwing that one around at the gym.
  2. I think canguros were one of the first things sold out actually but I'm not sure myself... I think a canguro is great for the gym just maybe wipe it down after a work out to clear off any possible build up if you're that worried about it getting dirty?
  3. No camo canguro's on e-bay, none at SH... *sob* Anyone know about the other two outlets?
  4. an inferno canguro would be great because it's a little bit of a darker print (not as dark as cammo, but not as light as paradiso or amore) so any dinginess wouldn't be as visible.
  5. The Inferno will be my second choice after the camo prints... I guess for now I'll just have to use my Coach khaki signature fanny pack. Blah.

    If anyone sees a camo canguro (doesn't matter if it's black or olive), please let me know!! :yes:
  6. will do! I'm always on eBay and since I'm not supposed to be shopping for myself I still like shopping for others ;)
  7. ooh that's a good strategy!
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