Canguro/Cangurino - Do they get dirty easily?

  1. Hey guys, I'm in the market for a Canguro. Do Cangurinos and Canguros dirty easily? Since these two bag styles are usually worn right next to clothing, I'm worried that pant dyes may get onto the back side of the bags and stain them. Anyone have any experiences to share?

    P.S. I'm hoping to get the Canguro in either Adios Star, Camo Playground Olive or Black, or Inferno.
  2. Sheesh I wish I used my canguros already so that I could answer this for you. I have l'amore, inferno and AS canguros and I haven't used a single one yet. I can imagine tho that there would be dye transfer from dark clothing.
  3. i use my paradiso canguro the most but i don't wear it w/ dark denim.... so i dunno about the denim factor. but otherwise, mine is perfectly clean :smile:
  4. I have a PG cangurino and it doesnt get dirty (well, I havent used it THAT much..) For me, half of it is on my shirt and half touches my pants.. but so far, no dye marks :shrugs: Scotchgard??
  5. I just got an all black canguro! I love it.. I think its the best canguro out there, unless i find a perfectly placed pirata one again.

    OH! hahaha

    The last few prints would prolly be ok with color transfer, the adios star, I dont think would be great.

    I stuck my Inferno Denaro in my back jean pocket, the only part that got color transfer was the leather part on the side, everything else is great.

    Hope I helped!
  6. I wear my Spiaggia canguro all the time and have not had any problems with it getting dirty and it is not scotchguarded.