Canguro + Cangurino and Braccialetto!

  1. I'm asking so many questions nowadays :yes: I was thinking about this summer... and my boyfriend and I are planning on attending a few concerts! As I really don't want a bag hanging off of my shoulder, or going across the chest... I figured one of these three would make an excellent choice! I am wondering, however, how much one could fit into each of these bags.

    To me, the braccialetto (while awesomely cute), doesn't seem like it'd fit very much because it has to be wrapped around the wrist! I've heard great things about the canguro - but nothing much about the cangurino (and, for me, smaller is always better~)

    So - if you have any of these three bags, please tell me your opinion of it and what you can fit into it! :biggrin: Thank you!
  2. Yeah, you can't fit anything into braccialetto. Just cash, I guess.

    Canguro fits the basics, and cangurino isn't made anymore.

    I almost bought the playground cangurino in August, but didn't...that was the last time I've seen one. I haven't seen one on eBay once since then. It always sold out on Lesportsac's website, too.
  3. Oh that's too bad. I guess the Canguro is the one, then haha~ Must be fate :3
  4. I have a paradiso braccialetto and I bought it specifically for concerts. It works fine for me since I only use it for cash. everything else I fit in my pants :sweatdrop:

    But it works out. I did consider the cangurino, but it looked weird on me when I tried it on...maybe its just me
    o well