Canelle showing as option on LV

  1. The new epi color Canelle is showing as an option on (UK) the pics aren't loading at the minute but I guess it's just a matter of days before it will be available for purchase
  2. Thanks...I will have to check it out..
  3. pics still arnt loading but I cant wait to see it
  4. check out the Alma or Passy GM the pics load for these but not for some of the others
  5. Love that color...

    My manager didn't like it, haha she said it reminds her of "wood" - we all laughed, but I still love it! haha.

    It arrived in the Passy at our store... I can't wait for the Turenne's... I think they will do well. I want to say they are similar in size to the Hudson Gm & Pm...
  6. I saw it online, I didn't like the way it looks online. I have to check it out IRL.
  7. I wish it had gold hw...I just like gold with brown. I like the color better than mocha. :flowers: It's a good neutral.
  8. I saw it today in the store hhhmmmmmmmm..I am not sure about it..I think fawn is much better color.It's kinda dull IMO..
  9. hmmm.. i dont really like it either.... I'm more partial to bright epi colors though like red and mandarin.
  10. you are right about Fawn, it is more golden brown, gorgeous shade.
    I think canelle is more dull, like burned brown.