Canelle Med Quilted Bay at NM STL

  1. It was on the sale table and with all the discounts involved, the bag costs @900 dollars. Divnanata and I were looking around the sales floor ooohing and aaaahing over many varieties available.

    We think the sale bag is the canelle color model, creamy whitish camel hue?

    Anyway I thought someone on this board wanted one on sale.:yes:
  2. that colour maybe ecru. Canelle is not off white at all!
  3. Sounds like ecru, I believe its almost like a buttery color. Could you imagine if this was included in yesterdays sale it would have been less than $700 dollars:wtf:! Those lucky early risers:s....
  4. It probably was Ecru. There was no round tag just the fold card for care. We really did try to get the official color. Again the purse is a creamy tan, light color. Fabulous Summer hue really, also it would be stunning with black attire.

    Does NM do price match with Bloomies and Nordies? Curious?
  5. I don't think Neiman's price matches, but not 100% positive. That would be great if they did though, because the bays are 60% off @ Nordies right now!