Canelle, Gazelle, Whiskey, Tan... HUH?!

  1. Ok, I'm so confused about all these colors! They all look alike!!!!! Every time I see a picture of each one I think it's the other then read the description & find out its a whole 'nother color!!!!!! :s

    I'd really appreciate if any owners of these 4 colors can post a pic of their bag, then maybe that way I can finally make up my mind, and understand a bit better!!


  2. I'm with you Noha! I'm new to Chloe and will be receiving a paddy in the mail shortly, but I can't figure out if it's tan or whiskey.....?????
  3. Each season the brand comes out with new colors - some very similar to older ones but still not exactly alike. We don't really have a definitive catalogue of styles and colors - just whatever pics kindhearted fellow pf'ers have posted in the Chloe library from their own stash.
  4. I have a small chloe collection and I cannot for the life of me keep up with the names, serial numbers, year made, imprint on the zippers....
    Chloe seems to have so many variations , almost no continuity, it's actually frustrating sometimes!!
  5. hmmmm, IMO, tan is compared to a honey color--- more orange - similar to the fendi wisteria spy. Whiskey is a cognac-ish color... more like a burnt orange/brown --- think fall. I've read that Gazelle is similar to Tan, without the orange undertones, so its more beige. I don't know what Canelle is . It seems too confusing to go by the names of the colors. I remember last season, there was a "sand" colored paddy and people thought it was sable from 05.... IRL, the color is crème and not like sable at all.
  6. ^thanks for the helpful info D&G
  7. I have a feeling I'm only going to confuse you more, but here are pics of my Whiskey. Depending on the lighting she looks very different...

    outdoor natural light, late afternoon

    indoors, with fluorescent lighting

    indoors at night, regular lightbulbs

    Yes, these are all the same Paddy, but the color looks so different.
  8. Thanks everyone for their response!!!!

    OMG, they all look like different paddy's in the pics!!!! That's really cool actually, LOL

    Thanks so much for all the info (& for the pics zeitgeist4)!
  9. I have paddys in whiskey and tan, and the gazelle in the large zippy bouler. Yes, whiskey is orangyish, like the cognac color you mentioned. It's a rich, deep saddle tan. The "tan" is lighter and has more yellow tones to it. It's a lovely color as well, but it is not the deep saddle tan of the whiskey. Now, the gazelle is a different tan's more a beige-y tan, without the orangey or brownish tones, yes, I agree it has more yellow to it, and is close to the tan of old, but more beige. I am so nuts with all of these colors that I have duplicate colors in various styles..I have the tan in the large US Shopper from '06, and the medium paddy. I have the whiskey in the medium paddy, the large US Shopper, and the large zippy bouler! And the gazelle only (!) in the large zippy bouler. :nuts:
    The canelle I am not familiar with...but I'm sure I'll be going nuts for it as well. :jammin:
  10. I have the Whiskey and it looks most like zeitgeist's first picture.
  11. Here's a picture of my whiskey, the name on the Chloe tag is Ecureil!
  12. Colors, colors, colors! :nuts: Oh the CHLOE designers can drive you totally nuts. I just saw some new colors on eBay for spring/summer '07. They are "roche brown," "galet beige," and "mais beige." If you go to hgbags by ECLUXE boutique, Erica has some minis listed on eBay. She also has one in "muscade." I also saw the new "castor" color, and it looks to me like it's the burgandy from '06. I think that they do repeat the colors with slight variations to keep us all buying more bags!!!:p The roche brown is a dark brown with what looks like reddish undertones, the galet beige looks like a grayish mushroomy sort of color, and the mais beige looks like a yellowy beige. I think the jaune from last year was prettier, but that just my HO.