Cane on CBS

  1. Did anyone watch the first episode of this new drama, CANE on CBS? I am so glad Jimmy Smits is back on TV. I used to watch him all the time on NYPD Blue. So far, I like the plot and the actors esp. Pancho ( Hector Elizondo) & Alex ( Jimmy Smits). And I'll be watching it every Tues.... Who will be watching w/ me?
  2. I will be setting the show up on my tivo...

    BUT...only because I feel there needs to be more hispanics on tv.

    Only time will tell how the show will want to portray "us"...:shrugs:
  3. I did watch it only because I am an old Smits fan from LA Law as well as Hector from Chicago Hope. Will give it a few more episodes before deciding on whether or not I am a fan of the show.