Candy Wrapper Clutch!

  1. Just back from Atlantic City and bought this cute clutch made out of Candy wrappers! Measures 7.5 x 4.5

    Retail was $50.00. Ok its not designer but its totally cute! It feels like a nicely weighted clutch in your hand. Very roomy.


    They make all kinds of bags, I might even order a silver one. Check it out at

    Its a very green company. For every purse purchased they plant a tree, they use recycled items and pay fair wages to Mexican workers.
  2. Saw some of those in a cute little boutique in Orlando.
  3. If anyone wants to order you can get 10% off your order with code: 10off and free shipping on orders of $100 or more. Just ordered a large silver clutch and a pink tab makeup bag! LOL
  4. I love, love, love these!!! Not only are they darling...but for a good cause!! I think I found my X-mas gifts!!
  5. Really cute & NICE ethics too!
  6. Wow - that is so cute - great buy Selena!;)
  7. Ordered this:

  8. Oh (I sound like I should work for them or something) if you do buy a bag, they put a little card in it stating a tree has been planted with the purchase of the bag. A nice touch if you are gift giving.

    Also, I just realized you get ECO points. Like my $120 order earned me 136 points or a $12.60 credit for my next order!! WOO HOO!!!
  9. I like this! That is too cute! ETA the bracelets are very cute too.
  10. I ordered a pink tab makeup bag, its sold out now. LOL I love tab. It was on clearance. They have a nice 50% off section!
  11. I am contemplating this one:
  12. Im going to start sending you all my candy wrappers. :tup::tup:
  13. Nice! I looked through some of their other stuff, I like! I wonder what they'll be like in real life, please post pics when you get them!
  14. Knee they seem really well made. Very sturdy. The colorful clutch just fits in yoru hand perfectly. I am excited to get all the other stuff! Will post pictures!
  15. Aww, how cute! I saw some of their bags made out of the pull-tabs on soda cans when I was in the gift shop at the World of Coca Cola. I just ordered this, but it's back-ordered about 3 weeks. :crybaby:I am an extremely impatient person, lol.

    Thinking about getting one of the billboard purses too. Oh yeah, thanks Selena, I used the discount code.