Candy Striped Mini Lin Sighting

  1. oh my, so adorable! a very fresh and girly take on the iconic classic. i saw the red and white striped canvas mini lin speedy at LV in Boca this week, and the larger duffle as well. has anyone else seen them? i think the SA said the speedy is $760 and the satchel (i don't know its official name) is $1,500..
  2. I'm still waiting to see someone here post photos of their new Speedy !!
  3. Yes it's the cruise collection Croisette the bags are speedy and marina a few members have them already comes in blue and red/pink
  4. there are a few pics and threads about the easiest place to look is the clubhouse
  5. I finally saw them IRL yesterday. I was at Yorkdale so I stopped in to see what was new and they had the cruise bags on display. I really like the speedy, I know they call it red but it looked pink to me. I am not sure about buying one though. I think they are going to be really hard to keep clean. I also saw the mono Griet it was O.K., but not what I expected. I asked about the MC and they said that they would not be sending it to all locations.
  6. yep, the red makes me think of candy canes!
  7. I'd love one, but I'd have trouble keeping it clean!
  8. The fact that the red looks more like pink makes it sound nicer, but I agree that the bag would probably turn brown on me.
  9. I have a feeling that the Mini Lin Cruise Speedies would be prone to denim transfer if one isn't careful. They are so light in color and made of linen fabric --- I would be too paranoid of carrying her. Beautiful bags, though!
  10. I saw these at the Beverly Center store today too. Not my cup of tea but they're sure different.
  11. I do not care for the red/pink color at all. I like the blue MUCH better.
  12. I can't wait to see this!
  13. I can't visualize it. searching the web but I can't find a picture.
  14. oh~ must find a picture soon it sounds delish though!
  15. I have not seen them irl, only on eBay. Pretty cute though!