Candy Sale?

  1. Over the weekend I was in my Burberry Store looking for a candy check handbag when the sales rep told me that they are discounting both the pink and the blue bags and to check online cause they needed to send them all back to the company. Today I went to the online store and noticed in the sale section all of the pink and blue check bags are on sale! If anyone is interested in a good deal on either now a good chance. Now I'm just not sure which one to buy! Burberry - Sale: Bags: Search for
  2. i like the candy check satchel, personally. ooh, and the hobo. i LOVE the pink, but i have too much pink already...
  3. There was this HUGE sale at the outlet during labor day, I've never seen so much eye candy in my life LOL. Call the place in Woodbury Commons for any availability.
  4. Honestly, I have never been a fan of the candy check style.
  5. I like them.
  6. Love them all, especially the first one, candy check clutch
  7. Oh the perfect time to get something to go with my tote.
  8. Yay! I just bought an ipod holder for a bit over $100.