candy cane sweater

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  1. has anyone seen the new candy can girl sweater? it is on japanla's website, but there is no pic. i was just wondering if anyone knows what it looks like. it's $99 so it might be a sweatshirt, but the description says sweater
  2. The pics of the new clothing items are on the blog. But maybe they were not up yet at the time. I think the candy cane girl sweater is cute! I'm just not sure it would be long enough for me or fit for that matter. :crybaby:

    I love the mens kaiten tee but it is not on the website for sale. I'm still on the fence about the storm hoodie. I wish it came in the gray like the other one. Not sure about the green/beige color.
  3. I think it's absolutely adorable-I just wish it wasn't 100% wool..
  4. I am pretty sure Metropark in Novi, MI had a candy cane T-shirt when I was there over the weekend. I am going to go to the mall tomorrow to search for a dress for a wedding and will check!
  5. The sleeves are full length - the girl in the eBay auction just has her sleeves pushed up a bit. :smile:
  6. ah, i didn't know that....noooooo now i'm actually considering it~~~ why did you have to tell me? =P
  7. This is soooooooooooooooooooooo cute! :love::love:
  8. absolutely ADORABLE :love: I think I need to get one NOW...haha!!!