Candy Cane Angel

  1. The girl in my avatar..what prints is she on besides Vacanze? I :heart: her!
  2. she's a pretty new character ... I think she only shows up on vacanze :sad:
  3. Oh too bad..I love her. At least I will have her on my vacanze gioco!
  4. Uh huh, pretty sure that's it. You could buy the shirt with her on it though.
  5. Yea I've only seen her on Vacanze or the Toki shirt.

    I love her too! I requested her on my pre-ordered stellina from Pulse ;D

  6. I requested her on my pre-order too:heart::heart:
  7. does anyone have a copy/image of the full vacanze print? i didn't get to see it and would like to before i decide whether or not to preorder..