~*Candy Bars!

  1. Ok, so I was at the grocery store today in the checkout lane and I got the urge to have a candy bar. Granted it would have been my first in nearly 10 years, but it was overwhelming! SO many to choose from and such a waste of calories if it doesn't taste good!
    Needless to say, I bought a magazine instead......

    What is your fave? I still really want one, and I'm thinking a Reese's Fastbreak bar. Has anyone tried that?
  2. I've never tried the Reese's Fastbreak bar. I love the classics though. Snickers and Twix are my favorite. I hardly ever have candy bars anymore.
  3. i like snickers too...and cadbury's mr.big.
    btw, you're amazing to not eating a candy for 10yrs:tup:! i seem to eat a candy/chocolate at least every 2 days. if i don't eat candy, i'd eat cakes/biscuits.
  4. Wow, 10 years!! Way to go, I could never do that! I LOVE the reese's fastbreak, they are really good and you feel like it's a lot there, if that makes sense. I also love Snicker's.
  5. That was part of my dilemma!! Do I stick with something tried and true, kit-kat or milky way, or shall I try a new treat? Snickers used to be good too... I saw one with different nuts- maybe almonds?! yum!

    I'm just not a big chocolate person, total salt fiend, and I got this immense craving today. Too bad I didn't have this urge during halloween! I used to love a good Charleston Chew- now that is old school!
  6. I love ALL candybars!!! But, Snicker's is my all time favorite...it's a classic. I maybe have one 3 times a year :sad:
  7. I Love:

    Baby Ruth
    Hersheys with Almonds
  8. Skor. Kit Kats. Almond Joy. Milky Way. Yum. Ugh, now I want one and I have a huge bag of Halloween candy leftovers. MUST REFRAIN...
  9. Reese's Fastbreaks are pretty good, actually.

    My favorite grocery store candybars are: FROZEN Milky Way Darks, Cadbury Royal Dark, Dove Dark Chocolate Bar, Toblerone. I like DARK chocolate, in case you couldn't tell :upsidedown:
  10. I LOVE both of those, too!:drool: I could really use a candy bar now....
  11. Reeses pb cup, snickers. I did try what I think is a new one from my daughters halloween bag. A smore candy bar. OMG, Awesome! TDF
  12. Milky way, dark....yum!
  13. Oooh, I'm a huge fan of Snickers and Kitkat's!
  14. Ohhh..I love chocolate! I'm a huge fan of Crunchie, Twix, Aero, Kit-Kat, and Hershey's Almond and Toffee.
  15. Café Tasse Noir Orange

    My absolute favorite right now, sooo good!!!