Candy Apply Patent... come and take a lick (or look) *pics*

  1. Beautiful! So sharp with your dark winter coat.
  2. Stunning....
  3. :blush: You guys are too sweet. Thank you so much.
  4. love it
  5. hot mama! where's the money tree??? i love my yam shine trophy and want several more!
  6. Let me know where I can buy or inherit a money tree when you figure it out MIB. I'd like some trophy satchels!
  7. Pass me some money tree clippings/seeds!

    You (and your entryway-- Yow! Zebra sexay runner!) look so stunning and chic!

    It really is a *slamming* neutral bag!
  8. Cho = :drool: Lookin amazing!!!! The bag is pretty too ;)
  9. I absolutely adore red leather (even though I'm not particularly the right coloring to pull off red) and your pics are just stunning! Thanks for sharing. Although I always thought this style was too large for my needs but your pics are making me rethink this...:graucho: It just looks so gorgeous on you!
  10. Thank you Fleur & Jenbur! The color really is versatile.
  11. You inspired me to break out my black trophy last night! Forgot how much I love it. And now tge candy apple patent is on my brain due tonyour fab modeling pics!!!
  12. Cho! What can I say that the other hotties haven't? Just beautiful -- you and the bag. I especially love the way it pops against the black coat.

    I'd been considering the Trophy Satchel in this color but now I think it's much nicer on the big bag. :tup:
  13. Thank you :smile:
  14. Hi, chodessa! Have to say you and the bag look really great together! Got me wanting to take a bite of one (but in TS)! How is your bag holding up now? Does the Vintage Patent get softer somewhat - break in nicely?

    I've been looking around here and been searching if there were any horror stories about the HH vintage patent. How is the quality of your bag? You think it'll hold up to the weather (I am in search of a bag I can take out in the rain - preferably red, patent leather. Thus, my interest in the HH vintage patent one. :biggrin:) My first HH is still on it's way to me so I'm not quite sure as to how HH bags are...
  15. Taken by chodessa

    Thank you firstly.

    Heres a live shot of the bag right now. Still haven't put it down for another. It's breaking in quite well. I would not consider this a patent leather by any means. It's a shiny leather, but not thick and patent like the patent of the original HH Corcovados. I didnt spray it to protect it and have worn it in the rain without any problems
    I've had no issues with the bag. It really is perfect!!