1. So I pretty much live in my's completely finished, etc. But it smells kinda musty down here, so I like to burn candles to get rid of musty smell (and I also spray with Febreze air freshener).
    I bought a bunch of Yankee candles....great smells but only if you're within 3 feet of candle. They burn kind of irregularly (right now one jar is almost down to the bottom, but there is tons of wax left on the sides of jar that aren't burning). And they're expensive....this one I'm using right now has lasted about 2 weeks (I'm down here ALOT lol).

    So I'm looking for alternatives....lasts long, burns evenly, strong smell that will go throughout room, somewhat cheaper.

    Any ideas fellow tPFers? Any tips?
  2. Do you have electric fans? Just plug them in and keep them on for a few hours to ventilate (I'm assuming no windows down there..). I do that to my apartment whenever I come home from a vacation and it works. I also use the Yankee candles (Housewarmer ones) and find that they work really well! I haven't come across other candles (in the similar price range, or cheaper) that have worked better...
  3. Partylite...partylite...and oh did I mention Partylite!

    These are my absolute #1 favorite candle. They are $10.90 for a dozen votives and $6.95 for a dozen tealights. Their three wicks are $36 but they last forever and a day. I'm sure you could find a consultant in your area and they'd be happy to order you some. I'm not sure if you can order directly on line.

    I'm burning my three wick right now. :smile: Our house ends up smelling all over like our candles. My current favorite scent is Cherry Orchard. BEST flavor EVER! :smile:
  4. not cheaper, infact twice as expensive, but the henri blendel line at BBW is FAB-U-LOUS. i am NOT a candle person (i'm always afraid i'm going to burn the house down) but these smell AMAZING so i chance it. and they're strong...they scent my whole livingroom when they aren't even burning. :love: my favorite is vanilla bean. :smile:
  5. Jo Malone. more expensive (but for an excellent reason!) than yankee (panty as my friends call them). Yankee are v. over rated in my book. Jo Malones are fabulous! long lasting, & the smell doesn't fade too quickly.

    Diptyque are fabulous too! Especially their Fig scented candle!
  6. This isn't a candle, but it cleans the air and gets rid of odors. They're effusion lampes by Lampe Berger. I've got several of them and several of their scents. My favorite is the Amber scent. It's stronger, and it lingers in a room even after you're not burning it anymore.

    There are also some other brands, but I tend to like the Lampe Berger the best. One of the other brands is La-Tee-Da. I've also seen cheap versions at Kirkland's, if you have one of those near you.

    You won't just find these anywhere, but you can order them online.
  7. Thanks everyone...I found Yankee overrated was my first time trying them!
    I have 2 ionizers in my basement, but not working so well (it's a huge basement)....and I'm hoping when I repaint maybe that'll help.
    I will definitely check out Partylite and some of the other lines you fabulous ladies mentioned.
  8. Something else for a nice burst of scent is the scented oils from the Body Shop. You burn them in the little oil burners with the tealights underneath. You can't burn them but for about 5 - 10 minutes at a time, but they leave a great scent in your house.
  9. Not a candle, but what about one of those air fresheners that you can plug into the wall? I use one of those for my kitchen from Bath & Body Works, and I think it works really well.
  10. Oh yeah, I have tried a ton of brands and Partylite is the only way to go! Plus you can do one of those home shopping get togethers with the girls so a great excuse to host or go to a party :biggrin: . They do last forever and a day and always burn evenly.
  11. I don't care much for the Yankee candles - to me they have a funky aftersmell that usually gives me a headache. Some of the partylite scents are nice, but most of my candles are the ones they sell at health food stores (Whole Foods/Wild Oats). I'm not sure of the brand, but they always smell fabulous. Another thing they sell is essential oils and diffusers. They can scent the room rather quickly (I even have a car diffuser that I love). Macy's/Dillards also sells candles/potpourri that smell nice - they offer different scents for different times of the year.

    ps - someone gave me a rose scented candle from Avon (I didn't know they made candles). I have it in my guest bathroom, and it smells lovely.