Candace's little precious Coach family <3

  1. get many comments from people about how 'Coach'd out' I am :smile: I do admit that I am starting to have quite the collection of goodies, but I know I am nowhere near my potential!
    So I thought I would list out what I have bought for myself and what my DH has gotten for me as well. I hope you fellow Coachaholics and pure bagaholics will enjoy reading my lists as I have loved seeing what all of you buy!

    My own purchases: Ladie flats in khaki sig/black patent trim, fuchsia lurex sig mini skinny, heart mix cell phone lanyard, Chelsea turnlock signature wristlet black/black, hamptons signature small wristlet in punch/white, khaki sig keyfob, khaki sig umbrella, valari flats in gold (in the mail), eau de parfum, garden mix keyfob, jenilee flats in black/black.

    Husband's gifties: Large Carly sig khaki/saddle, signature shoulder tote khaki/brn, ergo wristlet black/silver, patchwork wristlet, daphne snaphead 18" necklace :smile:, mini sig picture frame keyfob, pink mini sig hobo flap, black patent ergo hobo, skullie keyfob.
    coachfamily2.JPG handbags.JPG coachaccessories.JPG shoes.JPG wristlets.JPG
  2. I have decided to leave myself some love! :upsidedown:
  3. So cute! I like that pink mini skinny. Is it still around? What year did it come out?
  4. It just came out, so it should be around for a little while! they have gold, silver, black....very fun collection! Wristlets and pouches too :smile:
  5. Nice collection!
  6. Very cute collection!
  7. Thank you :yahoo:

    I should note this is after one year.
    DH shudders to think what the next couple years will bring! :graucho:
  8. I love your Coach flats!! GREAT COLLECTION!!
  9. Nice collection!
  10. Great collection! Love your signature flats and the skull keyfob!
  11. Very nice collection-
  12. love those shoes
  13. Thanks everyone! Update coming later this week!!!! Shoes, bag...accessories...and something very special:graucho:
  14. SOME UPDATES!!! YAY!!!!

    New to the family: Gold lurex framed wrislet, ipod shuffle case, Melisa signature ballet sneakers, Valari gold ballet flats, Bleecker signature duffle in chocolate, ocelot ponytail scarf, gallery patchwork scarf, photoprint scarf in mahogany, Ladie black ballet flats, Bleecker capacity wristlet (in one of the wrapped boxes).
    coach11.JPG coachdec1.JPG
  15. love the ergo and these shose on the left. too cute