Candace Carryall or American Icons Pocket Tote?

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Candace Carryall in Cognac or American Icon Pocket Tote in Cherry

  1. Candace Carryall in Cognac

  2. American Icon Pocket Tote in Cherry

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Hello Everyone!

    Would love to have your vote. I have been going back and forth about whether to keep the Candace Carryall or exchange it for the American Icons Pocket Tote. I would love to have your vote and/or input. I am trying to decide which is the more versatile as far as going from casual to formal (meetings and church formal) and whether the cherry color will be as versatile as the cognac color. Thank you everyone! ;)
  2. I am carrying the cognac Candace for the first time today and it is LOVE. She carries SO much, everything is accessible, she is gorgeous and I think it is the more versatile of the two. I like Candace as she can be very business or add a scarf and a cute fob and she is dressier and more like a purse instead of a business bag. Rory is also very versatile!
  3. That’s a tuff one, they are both lovely. I voted for the cognac Candace Carryall just because the opening is much larger and access to the purse is easier. I do love the American Icon Pocket Tote I think she’s a very attractive bag and the tassel is to die for.

    Good luck deciding.:snack:
  4. So for all of you who helped me with this poll, I left my local Coach Boutique with something completely different: the Top Handle Archival Satchel in black cherry. Lol! I know she wasn't part of the choice but when I got to Coach and spoke with my SA I couldn't help myself and I am soooo pleased with my choice! What a great bag and the color is great! Thanks everyone for your help!
  5. Congrats! Good Choice!
  6. Great choice I love the BC color. Congrats.