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  1. Hi There,

    i and my husbad are going for 3 weeks to cancun:yahoo:.. and we were wondering when spring break is over? we'll be there end april.

    thank you in advance for your help :tup:
  2. Well, I know that spring break varies, but it should be done at the end of April for almost all schools, I'd think. I think it is usually in March or very early April? I can't remember- that makes me a little sad!
  3. Yea it should be over.. most colleges spring breaks are mid-late march!
  4. It should be over by then.

    Be careful down there!
  5. It'll be over by early April so you should be fine. The latest Spring Break is generally the first week in April.
  6. Spring break is officially over, what u want to avoid is Memorial day weekend at Cancun. That begins May 22.
  7. Spring break for college students usually takes place in March. Spring break for elementary & high school students can run up until the end of April. My 6 year old son's spring break is the week of April 20th.
  8. spring break is over by the time you ge there.. by then, the college students are already recovering from the spring break crazyness lol
  9. It should be over, but even so, if you stay on the beach in a decent resort, you are unlikely to see any students. The higher end resorts are very protective of their guests, so you shouldn't have any disturbances.

    Of course, the flights down and back may be a different story if spring break is ongoing....:P
  10. Well, I just wanted to brag a little about my hubby. He is the best, he surprised me with a trip to Cancun for my birthday. Eeek I wasn't even expecting to go anywhere this year. Time to start shopping.:wlae:
  11. Happy Birthday and have fun..

    been there a few times with my husband... Personally I LOVE Cancun, it's crystal blue waters (diving there is the best), the food, archeological ruins, the people, I could go on and on... :nuts:

    shopping before vacation is good too :wlae:

  12. Hi everyone! I'm looking to book a surprise trip to Cancun for my boyfriend and I in late January or February. I know I want to stay some place all-inclusive, but I'm having a lot of trouble picking a place! Does anyone have any recommendations or positive experiences to share? I'd really appreciate it.
  13. LeBlanc All-Inclusive Resort. I love this place! Its an 18 and over resort.. so no kids. Pool area is nice, food is good.. would definitely go back again!
  14. We stayed at The Royal in Cancun when we were there in May. Like the above poster, it is an 18 and over resort so there were no kids to deal with. It is all inclusive as well, right across the street from Outback Steakhouse, Margaritaville, and another chain restaurant that I forget the name of. It was also within walking distance (probably a mile) of a mall, and just a couple of blocks from a bus stop that you could catch the bus to downtown. Their website is Have fun!
    This was the view looking out to the right from our balcony.
  15. thanks for the recommendations so far! i'll look into both of them!