Cancun Duty Free Shopping Zone

  1. Hi Ladies. I live near Cancun. Many of you vacation here, so I thought I'd give you a shopping tip. After you've bought all your Mexican souvenirs head over to the mall called "Luxury Avenue." Inside you'll find LV, Ferragamo, Longchamp, Coach, Burberry, Fendi, Tous, etc.
    You need to be very savvy here and know your U.S. or European prices. For instance, LV in Cancun is more expensive than it is in the States. But Fendi is cheaper. This has to do with the deals that the companies make.
    On my last visit, my best bargains were at Burberry. Pay attention here. There was no "Sale" sign anywhere in the store, and yet when I asked prices, almost everything was on sale, and some bags had an additional sale discount. The classic cashmere check scarves were hidden away in a drawer and they were on an incredible sale. MORAL OF THE STORY: Ask about "promociones" or "offertas." (That's promotions and sales). There was no merchandising being done, and if I hadn't asked, I wouldn't have bought a thing. As it turned out, I walked out with a handbag (could have been two...) and two cashmere scarves, and I could have bought a whole lot more. Same thing happened in Tous. After I chose a cool umbrella, only then was I informed it was on sale. So, walk into a store and the first thing you ask is: what's on sale. You'll be pleasantly surprised. No taxes either. Have a blast and don't burn in the sun.:yes:
  2. Hey TropicalGal......I'll be so near, yet so far. Next week I'll be in Cozumel for one day, and Costa Maya for another.......maybe if I start taking swimming lessons, I could make it!!! Boo Hoo!!
  3. And another thing. Ask for what you want, even if you don't see it out. For instance, the Burberry scarves were hidden away, and yet they were on sale! They had rain hats, hidden away. So don't think that if you don't see it, they don't have it. They just might.
  4. Now I'm laughing at myself! You probably wonder what a Tropical Gal needs with a cashmere Burberry scarf! Lol. Well, hey ladies, I do travel to cold climes...and I do like to look glam...and a little cashmere ups the outfit. :wlae:
  5. Just out of curiosity, what brought you to Cancun? I was wondering if you live there full time now. Hope I'm not being too nosy! :yes:
  6. Thanks for the tips, my son wants to go there to swim with the dolphins so if we decide it will be right to the Mall after :smile:
  7. Marriage to a Mexican brought me to Mexico. I used to be a New Englander too. And now, I love the tropical heat. I have a job here, so I've made a life here. Am divorced now, have two teenagers and love the lifestyle here so much, I will not return to U.S. -- except to shop! THE best shopping is in the U.S. But if you are savvy -- you can even find deals in Cancun! I love the no taxes part of it. I HATE paying sales tax.
  8. Compass Rose -- what takes you to Cozumel and the Riviera Maya for one day each? Work? Wow!
  9. Ha! I wouldn't mind travelling like that!! My husband and I are taking a cruise out of Tampa for 7 days and are headed for Caymans, Belize, Costa Maya and then Cozumel. We've been to Coz many times and just stayed at one place and made our adventures from there. We really like vacationing like that. We have never taken a cruise before so we thought we should at least try one. Therefore, we are going to make all of these wonderful ports for only a few hours a day. We do get to stay in Cozumel until 11 pm, though, which will be wonderful!!
  10. oh! tahnks for the heads up!
  11. How do your kids like it? Do they go to a private school? We moved a lot with my husband's company, but never outside of the US. Most of our friends that did sent them to private schools.:yes:
  12. I'm a relative newbie -- so is it "off topic" for me to answer JNH14's question? My kids love it here, but will go to college in the U.S. They are perfectly bilingual. Public and private schools.

  13. Thanks for the response-glad to hear that they are settled in!:yes: