Cancun and LeBlanc Spa/Resort

  1. Hi Has anyone stayed at LeBlanc Spa/Resort in Cancun?

    Would like to hear about it!
  2. I haven't but I did stay at the Krystal Hotel. The ocean is beautiful there, the city not so much, but I guess if your going to cancun its probably more for the night life anyways, right? Either way I hope you have fun!!!

  3. haha , not really.
    Going for the ocean, relaxation, and FOOD!
  4. So what AI has the most to do, is great for a 25-35 crowd , with lots of partying around by night and some relaxation during the day. I am supposed to be going with some friends of mine this summer but we haven't picked a spot. Mind you, it is a bunch of guys then me so they will need their entertainment.