Cancer Victim Humiliated On The Tyra Bank Show !

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    Celeb/*****y just got an e-mail from a guest on The Tyra Banks show who said that she was treated very rudely by Tyra’s staff and had an awful experience. She said:
    Just found your Webside and read about how cheap Tyra Banks is…..and I have to agree…My 11 year old daugher and myself have been on her Show last week,and we got lied to and humiliated….Tyra is a fake and very mean,she is so cheap we did not get to meet her befor or after the Show and my Child who idolises her did not even get an Autograph!!!!! How rude.​
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    This guest of Tyra’s isn’t the only one who was left feeling used and humiliated after an appearance on Tyra’s show. Despite all the female empowerment Tyra preaches, there are other guests who also felt hurt and betrayed after an appearance on her daytime talk show, one of whom was a cancer victim who was forced to sign a non-disclosure agreement when she complained to staff.

    39 year-old single mother of two, Jodi Hughes, has stage 4 cervical cancer and Lupus. She was on Tyra’s show for a scheduled makeover set up by her children. Her kids were not allowed in the studio when she was getting the makeover, and were left to sit on the curb for hours without ever being fed or checked up on. Her ten year-old boy is even legally blind. Hugh’s makeover was just a new dress, makeup and very painful hair weave that left her with severe complications. She was told exactly what to say about how Tyra made her feel like a woman again, but all she felt was tired and used. Then she got dropped off at the airport with her kids eight full hours before her plane left.
    Jodi, who lives in Bettendorf, Iowa, says things went bad the minute they stepped off the plane in Los Angeles to tape the show. ​

    Jordan, 17, and Nick, 10 - who is legally blind - were left sitting on a curb outside the studio lot for hours with no food, no phone and no money while Jodi underwent her “transformation” - which included nothing more than the services of a professional makeup artist, a new dress and a cheap, painful hair weave, she says.​

    Tyra’s producers scripted her lines for the show, Jodi says. “The producers told me to say: “Thank you, Tyra, for making me feel like a woman again.’ That was the most humiliating part.”​
    Hughes had to get the extensions surgically removed in the emergency room when her scalp became infected. She said she spent months growing out her hair after chemo and that the extensions ruined it. She may not have had it the worst though, there was another makeover recipient on the show with her, a woman with handicapped arms. Her prize for going on the show was a purse! Hughes is quoted as saying “All they kept telling her was: ‘You should be grateful - that’s a $500 purse!’”

    Hughes was a guest on Tyra’s show in 2006, but she wasn’t able to tell her story until now. When she complained about it, she was served with a gag order from Tyra’s lawyers that kept her from talking about her terrible experience for a full year.
    This makes me so mad I cannot tell you. It only takes some
  2. I can not imagine...

    I pray that is not true. That will ruin Tyra forever.
  3. Woah....
  4. Its time Tyra was exposed for what she really is... A FAKE !
  5. ^^ITA!!! I never cared for Tyra.

  6. You got that right...Shes very fake:tdown:
    I just hate the way she looks down on people:yucky:
  7. Oh my gosh... Im really hoping that its not true! those poor women thats awful! :sad:
  8. I don't think the show's producers would leave a teenager and a child alone on a street for hours...come on.:rolleyes: Maybe her experience was awful but she could be exaggerating. I wonder why she hasn't sued for the emergency room visit due to the hair weave. I am not a fan of Tyra, I can't stand the self-absorbed, narcissistic idiot but I don't think everything in the story is true. Giving a purse to a woman with handicapped arms...? Of all the gifts to give they'd pick one she might have trouble carrying or putting over her shoulder...yeah right.
  9. Wow, that show is on now, and I can see she is fake just by watching her show...she interrupts EVERYONE during her interviews she gives! She doesn't let ANY of the guests on her show finish a sentence!

    This is a really sad story! What a B*tch!!!!
  10. Yup, never liked Tyra. Hated her on Top Model cause she's phony bologna. :tdown:
  11. well, i think majority knews about TYRA but they just dont want to admit it
  12. my friends wifes bestfriend works for tyra and she really did give them just cheeseburgers for christmas and apparently even fired her assistant for getting to drunk at the holiday party. wow scrooge!
  13. I don't have a very hard time believing this at all. My friend worked for the Tyra show before they moved to NY. She really is not a very nice person.

  14. Absolutely!!!!!!!! :tup:
  15. I keep hearing bad things about tyra maybe she is a fake! Poor woman and kids