Cancer causing chemical found in baby formula.

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    Controversial chemical found in liquid baby formula

    Thu, Dec 6, 2007 (HealthDay) — A potentially cancer-causing chemical called bisphenol A is in the lining of most cans of liquid baby formula and the chemical often leaches into the formula at levels that are dangerous for babies, says the Washington, D.C.-based Environmental Working Group.

    The group recommended that parents avoid liquid baby formula and use powder formula instead until companies line baby formula cans with bisophenol-free resin, the Toronto Star reported.

    "Because they eat so much relative to their small size, their exposure is intense," said Sonya Lunder, the group's leader researcher on bisphenol A. "We can't use endocrine-disrupting chemicals in a baby's first food. The formula companies need to take action."

    Liquid baby formula in cans is safe and parents shouldn't be concerned, said an association that represents major formula manufacturers, the Star reported.

    However, more than 100 independent studies have shown that small doses of the chemical can cause developmental problems, cancer, obesity and early puberty, the Star reported.

    What you can do:

    • Read the Environmental Working Group's summary of their report on the dangers of BPA in cans of baby formula.

    • Find out more about the risks of BPA in baby bottles, or get an opposing viewpoint.

    • In August 2007, a government panel declared BPA potentially harmful to children.

    • See what moms have to say about plastic versus glass baby bottles.

    -- HealthDay
  2. My goodness!!!! :wtf:
  3. wow! scary. Good to know!
  4. I hope this doesn't cause a frenzy:sad:

    They actually have found trace amounts of jet fuel in breast milk as well . . . seems like scary stuff is everywhere in small amounts..
  5. This is scary, but it seems every time you turn the corner this is something scary.
  6. :sad: Not good , i remember just a little while ago it was believed that talcum powder also had cancer causing elements in it....... is anything REALLY safe :shrugs:
  7. talc/baby powder is bad for babies because they breathe it in and it gets into their lungs, cornstarch is good though!:tup: