Cancelling paypal

  1. Anyone know how to cancel a PayPal account?

  2. Go to profile and under your account info you'll see "close account":yes: :biggrin:
  3. yep just in the tab that says account overview - u go 2 the 'profile' section and scroll down, and 'close account' is an option at the end of the account information list.
  4. Thanks! :biggrin: :yes:
  5. Are you sure you want to cancel your account? I just signed up, but I will not link it to my bank account, only to a cc, so that if I have a problem, then I can dispute it with my cc company, illiminating the problems some have with paypal. It's just a thought?
  6. yeah, I want to get rid of it because I dont like having all of my info saved on the computer. It makes me nervous esp with so many hackers with technology.
  7. I haven't had a problem yet with Paypal after hundreds and hundreds of transactions, but if you think about it, ANY company you do business with online or off will have your information, and it has been proven to be safer than handing your credit card over to a server at a restaurant (hand-held scanners are that small).

  8. just make sure you dont save passwords or c/c numbers on the pc.
    that is how most hackers get in, because they hack into your pc and with having user id's /passwords saved its easy for them to get in.
    As for paypal, when you get email from them asking you to do things with your accout. Dont use the link in the email.

    Log into paypal via and check for yourself what they are asking you to do. if everything checks out forward the email to This is how MOST (99%) will get your paypal info.