Cancelling Eluxury Order

  1. Has anyone ever cancelled an eluxury order? I just placed one today for a key holder but found out I can get it for less and not pay sales tax by ordering from a Hawaii boutique. I tried calling, but they are closed now. I'm hoping I can cancel it before it ships.
  2. Since it's a holiday weekend, if you call as soon as they are open, they should be able to cancel it. Even if it's sent out, tell them and they can send you a postage paid return label.
  3. Thanks travelbliss! I hope it all works out.
  4. Elux doesnt charge sales tax I dont think. Is hawaii that much cheaper? I should start buying from there, do they ship all over us?
  5. I've cancelled the following day and you should be okay. As long as you don't get that email that your item has been delivered yet. I think you should call right away tomorrow morning. They'll ask that you have your order # ready.
  6. Elux charges tax on orders shipped to California (where I am) and Tennessee. To purchase from Hawaii boutiques you have to buy one thing in person. Once you are in their system you can order by phone. They charge $20 shipping. The key holder is going to be a total of $315 for me shipped versus the $351 that I would have to pay with eluxury.
  7. Have you already purchased any LV item from a Hawaii boutique? Not sure if you'll be able to purchase over the phone if you've never bought an item from a HI store.

    Don't cancel your eluxury order until you know for sure.

    Just realised that you already knew the HI stuff, so never mind!!!
  8. Even if they sent it out already, just refuse the shipment and it will be returned to elux so they could credit you a refund. GoodLVck!
  9. That is a heck of a savings... No tax huh? WOW!