Cancelled Payment - PAYPAL

  1. Hi All,
    I made a payment via Paypal however I had to cancel it as the email address of the seller was wrong ( - instead of COM). Has any one else ever been in this situation? The $ has already been withdrawn from my account so I will need to repay the long will it take for this $ to be credited?? and please tell me that it will be credited to my paypal and that I haven't just simply made $400 disappear into thin air :wtf:

    thanks for any help!!
  2. err.. dunno - but you should try contacting Paypal and see if they can sort things out with you!
  3. So i called paypal and was on hold for over 40 minutes....aaaaah BUt the lady whom i spoke with was very sweet and helpful.

    If anyone ever has this problem, the funds should be reimbursed into your paypal account within a week's i'm feeling a lot better now.

    phewwww... :smile:
  4. dont you think its ridiculous though that you cancelled it instantly and you have to wait a week?

    At least you will get it back, bit of a hassle though

  5. yeah, i do think it is a little weird especially given that the transaction was instantly removed from my bank account...not an e-check...but then i thought i'd much rather have my money that never get it so...just decided to focus on the POSITIVE...but i did get quite a scare reading the anti-paypal website....:s
  6. 4 business days. Might take longer since it was already in transit one way.