cancelled orders

  1. does anyone know why hermes would cancel a special order? not at the request of the customer, of course. my SA told me this occasionly occurs from time to time and i was just wondering how/why it happens. i mean if the skins or dyes turn out sub-par, wouldn't hermes wait rather than cancelling the order altogether? tia!
  2. Did they say the reason for cancelling is due to the leather being sub-par? I was told that sometimes if the special order is too different from what they normally do, then they may cancel. As for colors or skins not being available, I was always under the impression that it would only delay (not cancel) the process ...

    I'm not too sure ...
  3. no, i wasn't told as to the specific reasons as to why the orders were cancelled - just that this "unfortuante occurance" does happen from time to time. does anyone have a clue as to what the reason may be?:huh: i mean if the order was accepted in the first place, why would it later get cancelled?:blink:

    p.s. i agree w/ your delay logic. that totally makes sense... thus the crazy wait (longest quote: 5 years:shocked: ).
  4. If they have to cancel an order due to something going wrong with the leather, they ususally offer a second choice to the buyer.
  5. I've been told that sometimes a customer can be waiting on a special order for years and then be told that it's cancelled. Is that true?
  6. unfortunately yes. let us say you are waitng for a very outstanding combination the try to to their best but when they figure out they can´t do it in their quality or lack of skins they have to cancel. but that doesn´t happen often

    oh and the most common reason for cancelling you order hermès paris stops the colour or leather then you are lost
  7. You know, vert crue is really growing on me. I WISH they're still making those in bags. The agenda they have in vert crue gulliver is so stunning. hopefully they'll figure out a way to make vert crue work on other leathers and bring it back in a few years:yes:
  8. that sounds about right. unfortunately i never heard about a second choice as greentea has mentioned... only of the apocolyptic responses to cancelled orders!

    now i did promise my SA that i will not pull an "oprah" :angel: if heaven forbide, that should happen to me:cry: . but i can't say i blame the others for being angry... imagine - waiting all those years for naught... :Push:

    thank you ladies for all your helpful advice... :flowers:
  9. yes they do cancle special reason without reason sometimes. a friend of ours got a fax that his order has been cancled...wasnt even something special (Fuchisa Chevre 28cm HAC) reason. I ordered the sac tibet last came out in brown and black. But i could order it in potiron...after 8month waiting they called and said, that they just found out that they dont have a potiron canvas strap. So i didnt take the bag...couldnt stand the idea of a different colored strap... they are so often weird about the simpliest things... i have the feeling it has a lot to do with the mood the person in charge is in.
  10. This is all so frustrating...sometimes I wonder if they even have any idea about the customers and their feelings behind all these special orders. Actually, behind any of what goes on. Sometimes I wonder if their business is too big for the way they actually run it all.
  11. That is pretty frustrating ... Imagine placing a special order (and not be able to put any other orders in the meantime because for some ppl they can only order one thing at a time until it comes in), don't hear back about it for years (nothing on whether it's approved or not) and then suddenly be told that it cannot be done ... I was told by my SAs that they can never contact Corporate to find out the "yay or nay" status because if they do, they still wouldn't get a response anyway (basically they said they can't bother or rush Corporate). So it's definitely a lot of waiting and uncertainty ...
  12. About them having any idea about their customers...they simply dont care...this is Hermes' biggest problem. They have wonderful items, and a lot of great (unfortunately even more terrible) SA, which try to help where they can. But often they get the answer from Paris that it is not possible. The new manager Mr. Tomas wants to get ride of all special orders.

    but as you know there are always exceptions...if any king from Saudi Arabia want's something it is suddenly possible...

    there is only one thing to do...learn to live with it or stop buying Hermes...second is not gonna harm their business but we miss on the great items...
  13. Wait, who is this Mr. Tomas? Which manager is he? And he wants to get rid of special orders globally or just from his branch?
  14. I just feel something is wrong with their entire structure. You are correct though, luxury-zurich, it will never harm their business. If you want Hermes you will go about whatever you have to do to get what you want. That includes all the frustration with SA's, waitlist, and SO's.
  15. another thing thatbugs me they prodce and display bags you fall in love with and then these are one of a kind pices and not even available as special order. that is just mean like showing candy to a child and then nanana you can´t have it :cry: