Cancelled order feeling v sad

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  1. Oh dear have had an e-mail from mulberry to say they don't have the choccy Poppy that I ordered :crybaby:. I have heard of this happening so am not totally surprised. I'm so gutted though as I really wanted one & have my first piece of choc. If anyone sees a choccy Poppy for sale please can they PM me. Thanks so much.
  2. ive pmd you!!! hope you get one!!
  3. Hi Tiffanystar, it looks like this is about to happen to me too so I feel your pain. Choc is such a great colour, I hope you find your bag.
  4. Try the stores , you may get one in Edinburgh/Glasgow.
  5. Mulberry - good bags - rubbish service!
  6. Oh I remember how much you were excited about this choc Poppy...
    Hope you will still find it somewhere!
  7. What size were you looking for, the small or regular poppy handbag. I'm sure your search will be successful :smile:
  8. ^ IIRC tiffany was getting the regular size.

    So sorry it didnt work out, but I know that this bag is worth tracking down, so do not give up :smile:
  9. So sorry, Tiffanystar. I remember how excited you where when you ordered it. I really hope you will find another.
  10. So sorry Tiffany, this is so disappointing. :sad: Seems to be happening a lot. I'm sure one of the lovely ladies here will help you find one!
  11. Thanks so much girls for your kind messages.:flowers: Also many thanks to everyone who has PM'd I will send a reply when I get home. Tiff xx
  12. Good luck Tiffanystar, I hope you manage to find one..
  13. I feel very sorry for you! I do hope you find one somewhere!
  14. Oh no, how annoying! have you managed to track one down elsewhere?
  15. Not yet hulahoop as I was at work all day. Am going on a serious hunt tomorrow.