Cancelled Fendi B bag

  1. I ordered a bone Fendi B Bag from the sale and now I got an email telling me that they have run out of the bag. I am so upset about this.

    Does anyone know where I could find this bag. Actually I don't know if I want to pay full price for the bag seeing as they were selling it for half price in the sale. Does anyone else feel the same about that. Once soomething is sold for half price you cant imagine buying it at such a high price?
  2. I agree with you. :yes:
  3. Staci I am so sorry you missed out on the one at Harvey Nicks as well - I will definately keep my eye out for any returns
  4. Sorry about this, I saw Browns had a good deal on the pleated spy saving £700
  5. saich yeah Harvey Nicks had that too at 700 off they had 3 of them
  6. which bag was it?

  7. I bet they was lovely, was they the cherry brown?
  8. yip they were. Really nice. but I think too close to my normal brown. Gearing up for the Blueberry
  9. Oh, that's painful! Browns did that to my order for the burgundy patent B Fendi belt. I bought it online to match my burgundy B Fendi bag, and a week later got an email from them saying they no longer have the belt. Deflating.
  10. that is SO annoying/frustrating. I hate when I get all excited about buying something, only for the order to get cancelled! Happened to me last christmas with Cole Haan and Anthropologie! These places need better inventory tracking or something.
  11. With Browns the reason is because they share inventory with the store. There isn't a special inventory for just the online website. I should have gone down to the store and bought it:crybaby:

    Will they have more stuff for the new year?
  12. I think it is actually cheaper to buy from america than the uk (except for the sales). It's about £900-£1000 over here