Cancelled echeck from buyer?

  1. Ok a little background...I sold an item to a buyer in Canada on the 25th and I sent her an invoice each day afterwards because I hadn't heard from her at all. I finally emailed her on the 28th to ask if she'd be paying for the item, otherwise I'd have to offer it to the next highest bidder. So later that same day, she sent me an echeck and since then, I've been waiting for it to clear. Well I saw that it still hadn't cleared so I logged into my Paypal account and saw that as of today (the 5th), the echeck had been cancelled! I emailed the buyer asking if she knew what happened and to let her know that I wouldn't be able to send the item until I received the payment. I haven't heard from her yet since it was just a few minutes ago that I checked but I was wondering if anyone has had this happen or what it might mean?
  2. I can't help you with what it may mean. I've had echecks take a long time to clear, but never one that showed up as canceled. I would "think" either the buyer canceled it or maybe they didn't have enough funds to cover ??? Just speculating though.-
    so sorry that happened to you.
  3. Ugh, thanks. It's annoying though because I see she's been bidding on other items since she won mine and it appears as though she had been paying for them. She's a newer bidder also. :shrugs:
  4. ^^^I wonder if she is paying with echecks for the other items also...that is annoying...I've got the last of my stuff listed before the lazy and did 2 lots of my daughters clothing...have my fingers crossed that all goes well with the last 8 items..hope it gets worked out for you soon
  5. Hmm, yeah I wonder! I got a payment from her so we'll see what happens with it.
  6. I just had a same unpleasant experienc lately with a buyer paying with eCheck. It took over three weeks but never cleared. During this period, I could not cancel the eCheck but wait. By the end of 3rd week, eCheck was canceled by PayPall with insufficient fund. During this period of time, the only thing I could do is to send a payment reminder. So by the end of waiting, I could file a final fee back.

    Just make sure don't wait too long for the eCheck be cleared. If the buyer has no intention to pay, you should get your final fee refunded and relist it as soon as possible.
  7. It happened to me on my first & only experience of receiving e-check. It didn't clear after nearly 3 weeks and finally got cancelled due to insufficient funds. I somehow think it was a way for my buyer to defer her payment without looking like paying late.
  8. Ugh, how annoying! I had a buyer that paid with an echeck once and it first was going to take 3-5 days to clear...on the 5th day it showed that it was going to clear in another 2 weeks! I was not going to wait that long so I sent a message to the buyer asking what was up. They never responded and I left a NFB. They emailed me a month later with some stupid story that they were the victim of identity theft for over $60K...and wanted to know if the bag was still available! If they were suffering as they said, why would they want to buy my $400 bag??? I deleted the message and never heard from them again.
  9. Wow, at least I know I'm not the only one! My buyer paid after I emailed her about the cancellation and she then paid me right away using a CC or existing funds, I presume. It showed up right away....I think, as lovensparkle said, it may have been a way to pay late without appearing late.