Cancelled Bids?

  1. So can anyone tell me about cancelled bids? I'm not a experienced E-bay seller by any means, but today I have a couple auctions ending and I went to go check on them and saw that all my bids from different bidders were cancelled and some of my auctions went back to their original starting bid.

    Has this happened to anyone before? This is the saddest most frustrating thing.

    Plus I don't understand how this all happened right before the end of my auctions. Is this a scam of some sorts?

    Any advise for the future, because it looks like their is nothing I can do now.
  2. you cant really stop people cancelling bids- it goes on their record when they do cancel bids and all you can do is then block their usename from your future auctions. Sometimes though the cancelled bids can be from eBay where a member is no longer registered and theie bids are automatically cancelled.
    if you have cancelled bids on your page there should be a reason why they cancelled the bids!
  3. Thanks for your insite, but there has to be something different with this. Because on two seperate auctions all my bids (from different buyers) were cancelled at the exact same time right before the end of the auction with the same reason, and everything went to the starting price just in time for them to get the item at the starting bid. Now I'm ready to cry because they just won a Chanel bag at the starting bid. Oh and the other strange thing is the person who won the bag was the same person who had the first bid and the highest bid throughout the auction.

    I swear this kinda stuff only happens to me. It seems so unfair.
  4. So you have multiple bidders, bidding and bidding and just before the auction ends, all but the very lowest bidder cancels and the lowest one wins? Wow, that sounds like a scam to me. I am not a very experienced seller at all so that scenario definitely sounds possible.

    I have always wondered if I was a low bidder, was outbid, then suddenly everyone else retracts, am I on the hook for the item?
  5. Sometimes someone will place a bid on an item....just the lowest bid. Then they will have another screen name or two that will bid the item up so high that it scares other bidders away. Then retract their bids at the last minute so the original low bid wins it.

    Kemilla, the answer is yes, you are on the hook. It kinda stinks because of shill bidding but you aren't released from the auction until it is closed with a higher bidder.
  6. whoooa, 4theluvofit i did NOT know that people did that kind of stuff! eBay is so full of crazy scammers!
  7. Believe this could be a scam. It could be that they are bidding the price up to prevent genuine buyers from bidding as the price has shot up beyond their price ranges. Just before the auction ended, the rest retracted and u are left with the starting bid. ****ty but it is possible.

    Not sure if it is possible but u can watch your listing n if this happens to u again, just remove the listing before the auction ends. Going forward, u can block the usernames n cancel 0 feedbacks bidder unless she communicated with u 1st n u are comfortable with her.
  8. That's exactly what happened! I never had something like this happen before. I guess this is the last time I have an auction without a reserve. I have also been scared as a buyer of getting screwed but apparently it can happen to sellers.

    I really wish there was a way I didn't have sell my chanel bag for $500. :crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:
  9. I would do a search on the bidders who retracted, and then do a search on the person who won....if they are from the same state I would contact ebay and let them know and ask them how to procede. Just because you didn't set a reserve doesn't mean that someone should be able to cheat you out of honest bids.

    Goodluck and keep us posted.
  10. If they are new bidders then ebay may have cancelled the bids for your protection...
  11. Ok, so this cancelled bid thing was more the just cancelled bids. Apparently, someone broke into my account, and opened up an ebay store in my name, and started selling fake handbags. And the worst part is no one from ebay is any help. Has anyone heard of anything like this?