Cancelled b-bag purchase

  1. I was planning to buy a blueberry b-bag.. but the plan was forced to be scrapped today - since I dropped my 5 month new mobile phone onto the toilet bowl !!! :crybaby: I can't believe how stupid and careless I am - now I have to waste my money (that would otherwise be invested on b-bag) on a new mobile phone!!! :rant:

    Sorry - just feel like I had to vent my frustration somewhere - feel free to ignore my post...
  2. hey bakaneko 0h no!!! ***hugs*** oh crap i hate it when things like that happen!!! oh geez, BLUEBERRY - even!!! :crybaby: i'm SO sorry that you've had to cancel your order!!! **BIG HUGS**
    VENT all you like... us b-bag sistas totally understand!!!!
    i hope you're able to get all the phone numbers off the mobile phone!!!! ***hugs***
    dont worry, balenciaga will be bring out MORE exciting new colours!!!! AND you never know... there might be a BLUEBERRY waiting for you...!!!! ***hugs***
  3. Awwww sweet, that really sucks! We're you talking on it at the time?
  4. Oh noooo... :sad: that sucks!

    Bakaneko, if I remember right you are from Australia right? Why not get a mobile phone on a plan rather than buy outright? :idea:
  5. bummer
  6. Thanks for the replies everyone.

    Well the problem is I'm going to leave Australia soon (in about 1.5 months) for about two years, and move to Japan where overseas mobile phone can't be used - and that means I'll also have to buy another phone in Japan!!:sad: So getting a mobile with plan is pretty much out for me.

    And what irks me is that I just bought my last phone outright as well, costing me $700+ as it is top of the range phone - and that's only a few months ago!!!

    Sigh - this is just one of those days:shrugs: - can't wait for my tax return to be done as I sure need the money! :rolleyes:
  7. Do you need a phone for the next couple of months? Maybe a friend has a spare and you can just pre-pay? Or buy a cheap pre-pay kit?
  8. Oh, I'm sorry to hear that, bakaneko. Is your phone still under warranty? Is something like this covered?
  9. Have you tried letting your phone dry out to see if it will work again? I dropped one in the loo a couple of years ago. At first it seemed dead but after a 24-hour drying out period it worked again. ;)
  10. Oh no!! You'd be surprised at how many phones friends of mine have lost to toilet bowls :sad: I just lost one to dog chewing.
  11. bakaneko, i'm sorry to hear about your phone. i agree, with cal's suggestion by borrowing a friend's phone for the rest of the time in australia... or just buy a cheapie for now until you move to japan. if you think about it... it's only another month... it'll go by so fast. hang in there. the blueberry will still be around.
  12. Wow, what a bummer, Bakaneko!
  13. thanks for the suggestion ladies :shame: .

    Serenitysue, unfotunately the phone is not covered by any insurance whatsoever :Push: otherwise I wouldn't even care..

    fiatflux, I've rushed the phone to a repair shop about one hour after the accident - and they couldn't repair it :sad:

    I think the idea of borrowing a friend's phone doesn't work in my case. I would still need to buy my own phone as I will be travelling overseas intermittently (and need to use an overseas handset) after I move to Japan.

    Buying a cheapie mobile phone is a good suggestion - however I would rather sacrifice a few extra bucks to get a good quality, advanced feature mobile phone rather than a basic phone, especially as I need it to last for years this time :yes:

    Oh well.. I'll buy it off ebay to get a cheaper price and save the rest of the money till I can accumulate enough money/allow myself to spend my savings on b-bag!!!
  14. My phone got wet and after a couple of days it worked again.
  15. so sorry to hear that~get one from ebay is a good choice~!!!
    i actually like japanese mobiles, they are a lota cuter and cheaper than in australia!!!