Canceling my order on BG- you wanna a sale chloe?

  1. [​IMG][​IMG]

    Are these the same bags? If it is , I think I am going to cancel my order on BG bc I don't care for the way it slouches. Seems like the Padlock doesn't do it as much.

    If it's the same bag (the color I bought was olive) I will cancel, so let me know if you want it so you can be on the site when it opens up.

    It is $630.00
  2. I just purchased the chamois colored one from Neiman Marcus on sale. When I got it, it looked a lot slouchier (is that a word??) than the pic showed. So I will think the two bags are indeed the same.

    I'll be returning mine as well.
  3. i would love it!
    Please let me know when you cancel.

  4. I'm about ready....let me know when you're on the BG sale bags site...
  5. I am on it now.....

  6. I will cancel.....good luck and let me know!!!
  7. I canceled and went straight to the purse and it was saying it was not available .....did you get it? If so, you were fast! Let me know!!
  8. I did get it!
    I actually called it in as it kept coming up as not available on line.

    Thanks so much. I love the olive color and have been wanting one for some time now.

    Good luck in your search.
  9. Oh, I was trying to get this one as well. Maybe I will try calling.
  10. :welcome:Yes!! I am so happy for you!!! I'm glad you were able to get it!! If you ever see a paddy on sale....let me know. Enjoy and please post pics once you receive it!
  11. I'll post pictures, it comes on Wed.

    I will keep my eyes out for Paddy's:smile:
  12. Thanks! I am looking forward to seeing what I missed out on!
  13. Let me know what they say if you call....good luck!
  14. No luck. The crazy thing is that it was in my shopping cart and then was taken out! I didn't know that could happen. Glad a TPF gal got it!!
  15. Congrats -- I hope one of you girls got this bag .... my friend has it and it is TDF! The leather is amazing and it's the perfect hobo size!